December 22nd, 2004

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I'm writing this story in the Buffyverse where the Initiative is back and have captured some of our heroes. Fred is one of the people who is going to try to bring the bad guys down.

I'm trying to make Fred into a sort of female MacGyver, you know, able to make weapons with duct tape and bubble gum. Problem is I pretty much didn't even take chemistry in high school, much less physics.

Can anyone help me with like easy chemical bombs and smoke grenades? Any weapon ideas? Not the exact instructions...I don't want my readers to try it at home, but just enough ingredients and ideas to make it look right.
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Questions about military schooling for an officer, question about serial killers

Two questions -

One: I've got a young man from a fairly rich family (called the Montechristeu's) who basically make their careers in the military. He's going to spend some time in a fairly elite military academy. Since he's a Montechristeu, the lad does have to 'prove' himself a bit to people, but for the most part his family history is going to give him an easier time. Most of his classes should be pointing him toward a desk job.

So - does anyone have any ideas what typical classes might teach for a commanding officer? I don't need an exhaustive list, and I'm not worried about accuracy since the story is set in a fairly futuristic world. I'm claiming that he's probably learning military history and tactics since that sounds plausible to me. I just need a few things to mention in a letter to another character.

Two: So, I've got a serial killer in this story. I've got no medical knowledge, no knowledge of police procedural information, and I'm rather iffy on trying to look at online information. I'm not interested in making the mystery of who the killer is be the center of the story and filling in lots of forensic data. I'm more interested in how the characters react to the crimes.

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Okay, now it is my turn to question. By the way, this community is a very helpful thing, so thanks to all
now for the business part of hte program.
Around when did being homosexual start to become more acceptable, like to be gay and to have a lot of people know? Does can anyone give me a time frame?

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Whoo, twice in the span of - what, one day? :] Anyway.

Could someone name a drug that would sufficiently knock someone out and pose some sort of immediate danger without being instantly fatal? I'm looking for something that could be injected (mainly because I have a very cinematic picture in my head as such), but whatever is fine. Realism over cinematography.

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Okay. Due to a series of circumstances, my character had the memories of a (Dark Ages) swordsman dumped in his memories. Thus, intellectually, he knows how to use a sword. He's quite agile and athletic in his own right, but has never used a sword before, given that this is set in modern times. However, he does want to learn, just so that he can actually use whatever memories he got left with. It's a long and complicated story.

Could someone please confirm a couple of things for me?
1. How much would he suck?
2. Given that he's not particularly strong, but is instead quick and agile, would his wrists be utterly trashed at the end of a session? His endurance levels are high, but they're not amazingly so, so I dare say that he'd be useless at the end of a session. Would this be the case?
3. Could he even pick up a sword from that era?

The actual access to swords from the era's not particularly difficult, nor is deterioration a problem.
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Men with crushes...

Okay, scenario: A dignified gentleman has just realized that he's more than a little bit attracted to a woman he feels he has no business being attracted to. Because of his aversion to this feeling, he tries to avoid thinking about her a great deal, but as a writer, I want to make sure that his behavior is clear, and it won't be too much of a system-shocker when he finally does give in (she's perfectly frank about being in love with him). The last thing in the world he wants to do is anything that could be construed as cruel. The second last thing in the world he wants to do is anything that can be construed as undignified. She's much younger than he is, and he has absolute horror of people thinking that he's having a midlife crisis. And he knew her as a child, so he's got that load of guilt. And he's always loved her in a vague and unformed way--as a child, as a friend, as a colleague, etc--which he doesn't deny; it's just this new notion that she's a woman and he's also attracted to her that's really throwing him. It's been true for quite awhile, but he's now reached a point where he can no longer make himself pretend it's not.

Problem? I know what young boys do to express crushes that they won't admit, but what's a skittish man likely to do? What does a man experience when he's attracted to someone and trying not to be (in a PG story)? (I am in his POV, so these things don't have to be noticeable to other people.) On general characterization, I know how he's likely to feel and what particular anxieties he has. But at the moment, the only specific action I can come up with to fill about six weeks worth of fighting it is that he discovers himself compulsively drawing the countours of her face. Guys... any ideas?
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I have a 20-something man who's been in a fight and was beaten up badly enough that he's either unconscious or nearly so.  He's been left outside, in normal clothing (jeans/shirt) but without a coat, and the temperature is in the high 20's/low 30's.  Where he's at, there's no snow on the ground.  How long is he going to last out there without any sort of permanent damage/death?  Someone's coming to find him, but I'm not sure how long I can give them to look.
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German terms of endearment

:waves: Question for the German-tongued among us.

What are some common German terms of endearment between lovers? I'm looking at two male lovers, one is six years older than the other, and the younger is a bit immature by both of their standards. ;) The older one would be using the terms I'm looking for for the younger. He uses "junge" already, but I wanted something a bit more intimate than that...and to know exactly what it means! :)


(And bonus points for anything that doesn't require German-specific characters. I compose in text files. ^__^)

EDIT: Ok, got exactly what I needed. Thank you, all!
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This just came up in a game I'm in at the moment, and I'm not too sure on what would happen afterward. Yes, I tend to ramble in these things.

Hokay, so.. My character just cut herself on some old, broken China plates while trying to escape a would-be rapist/attacker (long story). She's cut herself in the knee, and I would assume it's rather deep. I need to know how painful a slice in the knee would be, how much it would bleed, along with what would happen after. Like, stitches, anything they would do like take her to the emergency room or what have you. I hope this question isn't too silly. Thanks in advance.
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More random questions pertaining to fics:

1: The current plot calls for a young woman about twenty or thereabouts to bodily smash through a plate glass window on the 65th 20th screw it; it's the tenth floor of a tall office building and fall to the ground. (We'll assume the security was partaking illegal drugs instead of working that day) What I need to know is what the extent of her injuries would be, assuming she was able to get herself to roll instead of simply falling smack into the ground. I do need her to survive, although as it stands, she's already got a large piece of glass embedded in one leg and a good chunk of her back, sides and palms are scraped raw from the friction and the roll. What other damage would you expect?

1A: In the same vein, while she's under the adrenaline rush, she yanks the glass shard out from her leg, uses a piece of her shirt to roughly tie up the wound, and starts to make an attempt to run for it. Both a potent desire not to be recaptured and the adrenaline are powering her, but what happens once the rush wears off and the pain and/or shock begins to set in?

1B: There is also a large crowd, as well as one or two of her pursuers watching this whole thing. So far they're simply stunned that she survived, let alone up and on her feet and slightly unhinged by her success. As she takes off, roughly how long would it take the audience to recover from the shock of witnessing the event? I'd imagine that special forces would recover a touch more quickly, but what about ordinary civilians?

2: Another character owns a coat I've determined is made out of woven metal microfibers, and perhaps something else added to improve its defensive capabilities. What metals and other materials would you suggest as far as strength, weight, and durability? The setting is slightly futuristic, so I have some room to play around with this one if need be, or simply not specify at all if I don't have to.

Thanks for any and all help! =D


Mmkay, thanks for all y'all's help. I've decided to have the little twit get into the airducts and fall out of one of those from about fifteen, maybe twenty feet up. Mmm, tetanus shots. >D

Sexual consent laws

Possibly this is not the right comm to post in, but I do want to know this information because of something I'm writing, so here goes (and I know this topic may be construed as offensive, but I honestly don't mean it to be):

Okay, so we all know that if Person A has sexual relations with Person B, who is too intoxicated to consent, then that constitutes rape. But what if A and B are both too intoxicated to consent, although they have "consented" in the sense that they were not physically forced into it? (And let us say for the sake of argument that neither is notably more intoxicated than the other.) Legally speaking, what is the situation? Could A charge B with rape, and vice versa, without being laughed out of court?

(If it was consensual in the sense that no force was involved, I quite realize that neither would probably press charges...but if they hypothetically wanted to, could they?)