December 19th, 2004

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Hey, can anyone suggest a course that one might take in medical school as an elective, or if they'd even offer electives in med school. And also, a couple of courses a student wanting to become a surgeon might take. (Or maybe even explain more or less the progression of classes to intersnips and whether or not you picke a specialty before you become an intern or while you are one...)

Edited to specify that I mean at an American med school. It's too late for me to be doing this. =p
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Questions about 17th Century Japan

Yeah, I'm writing a fic set somewhere in feudal Japan and have some really random questions.

What are those straw/hay cloaks called you see people wear in the winter? Same with the hats that you see samurai wear, I never caught the name of those either. *points to icon*

About how long, on foot, would it take someone to travel the Tokaido Road versus the Nakasendo Road? I know that there were about 50-something shiki along Tokaido, was Nakesendo so fortunate? Would the bodyguard of a daimyo ever have time off?

I am *so* random. Thanks ahead of time. n.n

Molly houses

Hello! I'm trying to find information about molly houses, or the late Victorian equivalent, about the 1870's. In the common room, would it be like a regular pub, except with some of the men dressed as women, or would there have been more sexually explicit activities going on? would there have been something like a live sex show, or some kind of suggestive entertainment? Would there have been couples dancing? Assuming the servers were dressed as women, would it have been an ordinary but low cut dress, or would it have been something immodest like women's underclothes and garterbelt and stockings? Would prostitutes have been working the room, or would that have been a service provided by the house itself? Any info would be appreciated!


I have a character who gets a portion of his face ripped to shreds by a falling support beam. Upon the realization that he is bleeding, he will go into shock.

Symptoms include loss of colour, shaking, clammy skin, shallow/staggered breathing. Feel free to add any other that you know of or elaborate on any of the preceeding.

What I really need though are the treatments for shock. My CCT book only covers the symptoms and then says "Treat for shock." ...>_> They should know privates don't know crap. But hey. Whatcha gonna do.

So uh. How do you treat shock? In the field, no hospital facilities available or anything. There is a priest/healer/cleric type person, though, whom I'm assuming would be doing any and all medical treatment in any and all situations.