December 18th, 2004


Deafness and Hearing Loss

Is there any sort of childhood disease that could cause a person to lose much of their hearing as a result? Or one that could cause someone to gradually lose much/all of their hearing? I know that there is a genetic condition that causes gradual deafness due to hair cell death in the cochlea, but the cause has to be non-genetic as the character is the identical twin of a hearing character.
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Japanese Honorifics

In a shop where someone goes often, to the point where the shopkeeper knows their name, would the shopkeeper address them as -san, or as -sama? And how would they address the shopkeeper? Even if they knew her first name, would they still use her last name? And one more question: If they were introducing the shopkeeper to a friend, would they use the friend's full name, or just last name, and would they use -san in the introduction, or a more familiar honorific to denote their level of friendship? (We're talking about two guys and a female shopkeeper, if that matters.)

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Mammal mystery

What's the name of those animals that hang upside down from tree branches by their tails? Not sloths...

Argh, why can't I think of this? ::headdesk::
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Hiya everyone!

I've got a question about longbows, of the medieval English variety. When you are drawing one to shoot an arrow, how far back should the string be drawn? To your jaw or cheek? All the way to your ear? I haven't been able to find a source that says for definite.

Thanks in advance!
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A Car Question

In the story I'm working on a character drives in to an area where technology doesn't work with out knowing it and her car, of course, stops working. While she doesn't have the knowledge that a professional mechanic would, she does know the basics of how her car works. I, however, am not nearly so automobile savvy. So what are some of the basic things that could be broken or not working properly that she could check for, beyond making sure that she hasn't run out of fuel?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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