December 17th, 2004

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So I've got a new RPG character who's a mutant and a narcoleptic. In canon, she's rich and sleeping with a doctor, and he makes her a drug to keep her awake, which she winds up being kind of addicted to. The thing is, in the RPG, she's pretty much broke and never met the doctor, so I need a new drug for her to become dependent on. I was thinking maybe speed, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? It needs to be something available on the street, something that could keep her awake for a really long time (some kind of upper), and I don't want it to be anything ridiculously addictive or harmful like heroin.
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Tourette's Syndrome

In an up-coming story of mine, one of the main characters has Tourette's Syndrome. The character is a teenage boy, around the age of sixteen or seventeen. Now, I have done (and will continue to do) research on Tourette's, as I want to have a broad, strong understanding of the syndrome before I write about it.

My question -- and hopefully someone can answer. as I've been unable to find it so far -- is this: Generally, at what age or ages is Tourette's Syndrome diagnosed? I know that Tourette's is different for each person (and may not necessarily be present until a certain age), but I'm hoping to find an average age. At best, I would like to know the youngest ages it would be possible to identify Tourette's Syndrome. In the story, the boy (Leland) and his family know -- and have known -- that he has Tourette's, but different events are dependent on the age his Tourette's was identified and I want it to be young.
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Japanese High Schools

By chance, could anyone give me a good idea of how Japanese High Schools work from grade to grade? How many grades, exactly, are in it? What would be the typical ages for these grades? Is there anything in particular needed to do to get into certain schools, or what? Maybe even how classes are divided?

I need to know for a couple of stories, so any help would be appreciated. ^^;

Death and taxes

I have questions about the law concerning wills in Britain. First, if someone dies without a will, who does their property go to? If they have legal guardianship over a child, and their nearest blood relative is a cousin, would it go to either of those, or straight to the state? Second, can legal guardianship be passed on via a will, or does the state have to appoint a new legal guardian? Finally, what would happen in any of these situations if the deceased was a convicted criminal? Would his property and legal guardianship be confiscated, or would he still be able to will them to whoever he wanted?

Thank you!