December 15th, 2004

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Catholicism question

I'm in a journal-based game. I can't say which, sorry.

My character is a teacher at a boarding school. This woman is profoundly devout but very quiet about it usually.

My situation: A couple of her students have just been killed in a very serious accident. I need to know what sort of prayers or verses would be appropriate to a character of that age and background- Scriptural references are fine, extra shiny points for anything in Latin if it's suitable. She's feeling very bitter about the students' deaths- very regretful that she couldn't prevent it. This person regards her students as though they were her own children. So I'm looking for mourning, here, and penitence.

Can anyone suggest anything? Any websites I should be looking at? I'll take any tidbits you have.

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Along with a pair of friends of mine, I run a story line based in a fictional town in Louisiana. It's home to a lot of very serious baptists, and over the past decade, psychic phenomena has been popping up, which the members of the town are interpreting as some kind of possession by spirits. So, in order to help get rid of these demons, the person who are possessed are 'delivered'. The problem is that I don't really know what goes on during a deliverance. Is it like an exorcism? Any help would be much loved.
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Picky, picky, picky.

Hey, first-time poster here. RoseHipTea sent me.

Aaaaanyways. I need an illness with the following criteria:
*relatively common in poor regions of Africa
*causes some form of noticeable symptoms
*is not spread by body fluids (other than perhaps blood)
*kills relatively quickly (between a few days and a month)

I can work around some of these, but not all. For example, the character in question is in Africa with her husband on a mission trip, so obviously if it were spread certain ways he'd also get it. If it has an incubation period, that's good too.
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New York City subway tokens

Has the New York City subway system ever used the form of metal tokens with the holes in the middle? If so, when were they in use? What did they say on them?

If New York City never used that type of token, do you know of a fairly major city that did/does and what those tokens say?

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Questions about Japanese culture

1. What year/grade would a Japanese 18-year-old be in? (Would they even still be in school, or at university?)

2. Is Kisaragi a real Japanese surname? I've seen it somewhere and was planning to use it as my main character's surname, but now I'm not sure if it's real or made-up.

3. If someone had a Japanese father and, say, a French mother, would their given name be more likely to be Japanese or French?

4. Where can I find information about Japanese folklore, especially demons?

Thanks in advance!
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