December 14th, 2004


Mixing drinks

Morroc is a town that is rather based off of Mexican culture. My pointy-eared Morrocan boy has taken up a job as a bartender to support his wife while they wait for their next world-saving adventure to begin. (It works rather nicely. Being zen, he gives great advice.)

Anyway... What sort of drinks, mixed or ...non...mixed... would be served in a typical Mexican or Spanish bar? Sort of middle-class, not slums but not for the rich folks either. Lots of leeway here since it's kind of...a fantasy world...

Basically, I need to some mixed drinks and how to make them. Ahaha. Assistance much loved.
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I'm writing a fanfic story set in Wales and southern England, in 1980. One of the characters lives in an area of rural Wales where Welsh is commonly spoken; unfortunately, I speak no Welsh.

My questions, then:

1) What would be a casual greeting between two university-aged boys? I've made use of a Welsh-English online dictionary and a couple of websites listing common phrases, but that doesn't tell me much of what greeting would be used in what social situations. I've got Prynhawn da currently, but that sounds awfully formal to me.

2) I have one character saying "Iesu mawr" in mild exasperation -- one of the boys at university. Is that something he'd actually say, or should it be Iesu Grist or what?

3) In 1980, when a train pulled out of the station, would those on the train hear a whistle, or an announcement of the next station, or would the conductor come around collecting tickets, or what?

Hangover cures

Thank you immensely for the mixed drink responses.

Also, I'd like to say that this community is so immensely awesome. I came across a point in roleplay where I had to do a mercy killing, and recalled a previous poster's question about the same and used her answers. We help each other in more ways than one. ^_^b

Although for now, going right along with my question about the mixed drinks, I need some homegrown hangover cures. Also, describe a hangover experience for me. I'm not exactly of age yet so I haven't, uh, had the chance to be through that experience.

Court room routines

Collapse ) Boy gets dragged into a car after walking a coworker home, by this somewhat crazy "ex", is guilt-tripped (well... a valiant attempt. Boy doesn't really care.), smacked around a good bit, and at some point raped, before "ex"'s current girlfriend feels bad about the whole situation and kind of 'forgets' to lock the door, so that boy can get away.

Now, boy EXPECTS that sort of behaviour from this "ex", it's one of the reasons he rather pretend not to remember their joint history. AND he has a history of turning himself into something of a sexual object, just so that people won't try to learn more about him. So he's pretty calm about the whole thing, and it shocks other people more than it shocks him. He's pissed off as hell, but no more than he would be if he'd been beaten up in an alley or had someone steal his precious collection of OLD video game consoles. And he's annoyed they're making him miss work so he can go see his therapist about the whole thing. That's good money he's not getting! (Yes, I know this is NOT typical behavior for a rape victim, and that it'll likely offend people. But he's 'blah' enough about sex that he's not going to be concerned about anything beyond the kidnapping and the physical injury parts.)

When it gets to the court room, though... Can he be expected to witness about what happened? HE wouldn't mind, he'd worry more about the sensibilities of the other people present in the court room. But I'd expect it to be common practise NOT to ask witnesses about that kind of details. Considering most of them are a lot more traumatized.

Gee, I'm long-winded.


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I noticed a week or so ago someone post a link (it was about killing people) that turned out to be pretty helpful to many writers here. That said, I assume it's okay for us to post links to helpful websites, as I have a couple that may be of some use...

I found this one some time ago, and it's helped me develop/create the world in my fantasy fic, it goes all into the details of what you might want to consider when writing stories of a fictional world. A Way With Worlds. Granted there's a lot of information here for novice writers like myself, so I found myself a little overwhelmed at times when I was starting out. I hope it can be of use to my fellow writers.

This page has also been helpful to me when I've had some trouble writing and planning.

This is a fantastic community, and I'm incredibly glad I decided to join.

Though I suppose I do have one minor question. It relates to currency.
When deciding upon a currency for a fictional place, what are some things that should be calculated into thinking about how much one unit of (fill in the blank) is worth? If it helps, I'm using gold and silver. I of course didn't live back in times when gold and silver was used, so I have no idea of the worth or value of a gold peice. And I didn't think it would have to be the same for a fictional society, anyway, for whatever reasons I'm hoping someone can educate me in, but it would help to know.

Thanks everyone, for all your knowledge :) I wish I could be as helpful in return to others' questions, but heh... I'm just out of highschool. :P my knowledge is limited.