December 12th, 2004

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Locating People in Japan

Say you're in Japan, and you really want to find information on a person you think may be of ill repute, but all you have to go on is a face, a name, and who the person is affiliated with. Would you need hacking skills? What would you hack into? Any tidbits would be helpful. Thanks! ^_^
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Japanese administration of Kurile Islands

Does anybody here know how Japan handled the Kurile Islands administratively speaking? Were they part of Hokkaido prefecture?

(Along similar lines, was Karafuto ever made into a prefecture? What about the Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese colonies? I don't think they were, but on a map in The Japanese Colonial Empire ed. by Myers and Peattie, there's a label for "Kwangtung Prefecture," which has always confused me - was the Kwangtung Lease Territory formally annexed at some point? Help!)

sunlight for skin and eyes

For someone who hasn't seen natural sunlight very often (maybe a couple times a month, irreguarly) for say, four years... how pale would their complexion become, and how weak their eyes?

That asked, how long would it take their eyes to get used to sunlight, and their skin to get some color again after they emerge to regular exposure to sunlight?

(If it helps, this individual has been in an underground prison for four years, so his well being hasn't been at the top of many list of priorities.)
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viola music

Could anyone give me a list of pieces composed specifically for the viola, preferably classical? To be more picky, could anyone give me some piano-viola duets or concertos? I play violin so I don't really know at all.

(no subject)

Three questions, two different fics.

The first one has to do with a story wherein four WW2 era private detectives are getting their friendly nemesis, a police inspector, a Christmas gift. The question is, what would be a moderately priced but still nice gift that people like them would get him that would be appropriate for that time period.

The second deals with a story set in a small, old western town, (think spaghetti westerns). In this fic, a house is on fire, and three children are trapped inside. To get them out, a man is standing inside a room, handing them (all are below the age of ten) through a window to a woman outside. He notices one is missing, and tells the woman to take the two already outside to safety while he runs to find the other. What I want to do is have the missing child pop up from this cellar-type place, and that the two get trapped in there when the house caves in. The question is, would it feasible to have the type of hideaway I want be there, maybe as a shelter from Indians or an inside access to a cellar. I have some leeway with actual historical fact, but not that much. Also, if the fire was burning from the top of house down, would it actually cave in?
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(no subject)

BG info: This is a story involving D&D/D20 peoples. Shadow Prime is the term used for 'our' Earth. The Shadow is the name for the shroud the Githyanki used to seal Earth away from both Magic and the other planes, and Prime refers to the fact that it is a Prime Material World. a Prime world is one that is like ours, one way or another. The Githyanki are a traditionally Lawful Evil race, who: have a superiority complex, an empire, severe xenophobia, and are just really mean. They take worlds for their own usage against the Illithids...and everyone else. Illithids are the squiddy-heady-guys. They're Mauve. And evil. The Githyanki hate thier guts. They hate everything about them. The humans of Shadow Prime simply deny they exist, until the plot point laid out below, as they believed them to be merely a construct to make the githyanki look good.

Ok. I've seen the post for RNs, but how about the US military-paid Nurse schooling, or Doctor schooling?

how much does one have to pay back?

On another topic-thingy:

The plot I have written out requires my OCs to end up exposing a (large) conspiracy in the military by killing an Illithid, who is posing as a rather high-ranking guy. The Illithid would be at the base to give a sort of 'motivational speech' thing (a good reason would be nice, but the guy's there to die, really), and what I'd like to know is how the military would handle this.

On one hand, my OCs have singlehandedly exposed an entire race, which is trying to gain total control over Shadow Prime. But on the other hand, they have brutally murdered this guy. Adding to the 'JAIL FOREVER!!!1' camp is the fact that they are Githaynki. In the story, the Githyanki are severely discriminated against, even a good 20~ years after they tried to take Shadow Prime. The human response to this failed attempt was to totally nuke the crap out of the Githyanki worlds, even nuking the Lich Queen. Yeah. She's dead now. Nailed her phylactery (I have a feeling there should be more y's in there.) something good.

What I want to happen is a simple discharge. The discharge was the outcome I guessed at, which would allow the timeframe be 'only' 19-20 years.