December 11th, 2004

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how much damage do you figure a averagely built guy being thrown back first through a plate glass door with little metal decorations in the glass would suffer?

(the decorations: sort of... a spiralish design coming up to the center of the door in some parts)

One of those things I'd test myself but, uh...

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I have a question. How long could someone function with a collapsed lung? My character is a soldier who's been separated from the rest of his brigade on a swampy planet and he has three broken ribs, which have punctured his left lung. Since this is set in the future, I can play with technology a bit, and I've given him three doses of a local anesthetic that he can use to dull the pain if it becomes too much to bear. So, I need to know how long he can go with only one functioning lung.
  • xtricks

Women in 1930s America?


I need to know what the social and, particuarly, workplace situation was for women in the mid to late 1930s America. This historical period is between the 'flapper era' of the 1920s and the WW2 era of the 1040s. I've seen clothing styles and some advertising but I can't find much information on how difficult was it for women to work in jobs outside of 'traditoinal' ones such as nursing and teaching.

Anyone have anything on that little era?
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The lives and times of shrimp

I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about the habitats, social habits, and mating rituals of shrimp. I don't have any particular species or anything in mind, I just wanted to write a story in the world with nothing but shrimp (mentioned breifly on BtVS), and I realized I know nothing about shrimp, except how to eat 'em ^_~ So any help is appriciated. Thank you!
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  • kaethe

Homophobia in Hawaii

I have a story set in Hawaii, specifically Honolulu.  One of my characters, a police detective, is telling me he's gay.  My question is, what kind of attitudes toward homosexuality could he expect to encounter there, both from society in general, and among members of the police force?  I have a vague notion that I've heard Hawaii is more open-minded than many places in the U.S., but I don't know if that's true and even if it is, if it extends to how the police would view one of their own.
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Domestic abuse in Victorian England

Does anyone know anything about dometic (specifially spousal) abuse in the late Victorian/early Edwardian era? I have a chacter who is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to his wife, but presents a respectable face to society. He's very wealthy and respected in business. How far would be too far before people starting talking about his treatment of his wife?

I know that martial cruelty divorces were very hard to obtain back then (his wife isn't going to leave him, anyway, for various reasons) and there wasn't any legal recourse she could take, so my question is primarily about how far could the abuse go before there was disapproval from society.

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Japanese Style Sword knowledge anyone?

I've been working on a story. And I want to know if anyone is knowledgible with katana and other Japanese style swords. Or if anyone has a website that can tell me the difference of each sword and whats the damage each does.. as in if swung a certain way or if used against something... I don't know if this makes sense, but I'll appreciate any help I receive and if anyone can understand what I'm trying to ask. Doumo (thanks)
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I'm in the process of creating a character that's an RN (registered nurse) and I have a couple questions.

1) If someone started when they got out of highschool, about how old would they be when they got RN status?

2) What's are the typical duties of an RN? How might an average day for them pan out? (I realize that when it comes to health care, there's very rarely "average" days, but...just a general overview would be good.)

3) How are hospitals usually run, when it comes to work shifts and things like that?
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Where can I find information on the Japanese educational system? Preferrable stuff about their equivalents of high school and college. How many years people are in them, if most people go to college, when they get out of college, when the breaks are for high schools, all that?