December 10th, 2004

Procreation question

Okay, so I'm doing some vague research for a setting, and I have nowhere near the amount of biology knowhow needed to figure out this part.

One of the races is made up of highly modified humans- they've been mucking around with their own genetic code for several generations and I'm trying to make them seem very very inhuman, both phsyically and mentally, for emphasis. The current ideas I'm toying with include no concrete genders, and no real sex organs either... but I have no clue what any other plausable methods of procreation would be.

Information and suggestions would be ever so nice.

edit: Oh, whoops, I probably should have written that better. Instead of 'no real sex organs' you should read that as 'no analougous sex organs'... whatever they are, they're not going to be like the usual mammal sort.
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All right, another question...

Would it be feasable for a man in his early to mid 20s, idle life but in rather good shape, to swim about a mile overnight? He's trying to escape from an island and has to do it under cloak of darkness.

It's in a tropical setting, however, the water was recently (about a day to two days prior) frozen. However, there's magical creatures about which may have changed it back to normal. So basically I have no idea what the temperature would be like, so can I have answers for both temperatures? (normal and recently frozen)

Oh yes, and he would have a small object made of a thin sheet of gold with him--what would either temperature do to that?

LOTR's question

I've been toying with an idea for a Lord of the Rings fic and I've been wondering, what concept do the Gondorians have of an afterlife? I know Rohirrim warriors believe they will go to a great feasting hall if they die a valient death. What about Gondor's soldiers?

On vampires and silver

Okay, here goes:

Is there anyone out there who knows when the first instance of vampires being vulnerable to silver was? Was it in the Blade comics? Or somewhere else?

I'm planning a contemporary fiction story wherein my vampire bitches about "wannabe slayers and their comic book educations" after being shot up with silver-plated crossbow bolts, right before he kills the idiot who got him "confused with a werewolf." BUT, I'm not 100% that the silver thing is from comics, and I'm having lousy luck tracking the information down.
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Contract for silence?

I can't think of the term, but I'm pretty sure one exists.

Main character is rather beaten up, is tended at the military base, however due to who he is and what he was working on, those on high want a bit more security than the traditional doctor/patient confidentiality. They write up a legal document on the basic theme of 'if you say anything about what you saw, what you did, that you were here, there will be big problems' but I can't think of the actual term for a contract of that sort.

I figure someone on this wonderfully helpful community would know ^_^
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Chemistry and Physics trivia

Hi, I've made a character interested in all sorts in sciences, particularly Chemistry and Physics. Problem is, I'm definitely a Social Sciences kind of person, and I went for the 'out' button in high school as soon as I could. I've been doing research on my own, but it's hard to get to the nifty random facts that somebody truly interested would randomly say. So, hit me up with your favorite piece of information related to sciences, please! :D