December 9th, 2004

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Con/Symposium guests

I have a writer character who is going to be invited to be a speaker/guest of honor at a medium-sized literary convention. Unfortunately, I have no idea about how the whole thing works.

Would an organiser be more likely to contact him (or his agent, though he tries to do most of his scheduling etc. himself) by mail or telephone? I imagine once he shows interest they'd mail out all the necessary info, but what about the original query?

What about paying for/providing travel and lodging? Is this only done for bigshots, or would it be for any major guest even if they're not a national celebrity, etc.? I haven't determined yet how far away the convention will be from where he lives, it will probably depend on this.

What would his schedule be like for a 3-day con? He isn't the headliner, but he's sort of the golden-boy newcomer. How much time would he have to himself to attend other people's talks and events? How much speaking would he probably be doing? Would he be doing separate talks on a few subjects, or just one talk repeated at a few times so that everyone can catch it?

I know a lot of these questions won't have definite answers but I'd just like to get a vague idea. I've only been to one con in my life and it was a fan thing rather than a literary thing, not to mention I didn't get to see any of this useful behind-the-scenes stuff.
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What impact does brain size have upon intellect?

I'm talking a huuuge difference, because a rather odd friend of mine said that an insult someone used in my story ["and how many brain cells d'you got? 10?"] held no bearing on intellect (it was in response to "my poor stupid ex..").

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ok, I promise this'll be my last question for a while.

Different story this time. This one's a fantasy of sorts.
Does anybody know anything about katar fighting? I need to know any real info anybody can offer. As in techniques, learning curves/difficulty, advantages and disadvantages to using this type of weapon (And preferrably information that's not simply ripped from Ragnarok Online's Assassin class characters... ) If this is something that wasn't actually practiced much in the real world, then I'll just make up the details for my story (more power to me I guess, heh)

I googled it, and simply couldn't find anything as far as katars as an actual art of combat like fencing or bo-staff fighting... I had enough trouble just finding photos of real katars.
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First of all I must apolgise for the term 'mongoloid' that I used in this post. It was very impulsive of me and I should really have gotten a few sips of coffe or cocoa before replying to the question.

Now, here's my question :D

My little story involves a person getting stabbed er... somewhere. I still don't really know where but does anyone know a part of the chest of neck to be stabbed wherein death is almost inevitable, first aid could only do so much and healing takes a long time.

Mind you, think of medieval times where they don't exactly have the medical advancements of today.

This is for my "Quest For Emperium" story, another Ragnarok Online fanfic :D

[EDIT] lol, "almost inevitable" meaning if i decide to let the character live then it would still be realistic and believable :D and if i decide to let him die, well, then he dies :(
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(no subject)

Hey, all. I'm planning writing a few things set in about 9th or 10th century Arabia, and have a few questions...

1. About how fast can a horse travel in the desert? How about a camel? How far could you go in a day, and how often would the animal need to stop for water?

2. In said desert, about how far away could you see?

3. Anyone know of any good resources on warfare? (Tactics, weapons, etc.)

4. Resources on pre-Islamic cultures/religions in the area? (Not that anyone would be currently practicing them, more for ancient ruins, superstitions, and the like. ;)

Kill Without Joy

This isn't a question, but a resource (I didn't see anything in the community info against this, but if this is inappropriate, please delete). I've found this website to be invaluable, if rather disturbing.

Kill Without Joy :: The essential assassin's handbook.

Details methods of killing, exactly how to go about them, what instruments to use, and the effect on the person getting offed. I've found "Appendix B: Your First Kill" to be extremely useful in writing, as well as the two lists of poisons.

WARNING: This is a dry, very clinical study of assassination. It may be very disturbing to some.
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Weapons question

(*waves* Hi all.)

In one of my stories (that I have yet to write/create an outline for), I have a character that uses a thong-and-bolas as a weapon. I have a general idea of what this weapon does. It's two or three stones or other heavy objects attached to some kind of stick with leather or chain, and that it's whirled around very fast and can strangle.

If anyone else knows anything about this, 'twould be much appreciated if you told me. ^.^
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First aid (again)

Using the contents of a military first aid kit (I don't know if they're different from civvie ones or what), how would one treat a relatively shallow (but bleeding profusely) cut [from a bite from a small animal] to the side of the face?

As there are plenty of massive animals around that would smell the blood and come a-running, the bleeding needs to be stopped ASAP.

Also, are animals genuinely terrified of fire - and to what extent? As in, if the prey was by a fire, would a predator still go in and try to kill it or would the fire keep it away?
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Say a boy was raped and, besides being in need for medical attention (stitches), he's still unconscious when help is finally available. Am I right in assuming they would keep a rape victim under when treating him for injuries, more specifically under premise when he is being stitched up that the victim could wake and experience flashback trauma? What is the exact procedure?
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This isn't for a currently planned fic, but something I may do later in time...

How would one go about surviving a snow avalanche? The character in question is basically a special agent, but wasn't packing anything spectacular at the time.

We know the location is the Andes range, and thereby probably a long ways from any towns. So once she gets out, what would she want to do then?

(bonus points if you can guess who the character in question is)