December 8th, 2004

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Back again with another oddball question. =D

I need as much information on sperm banks as y'all can spare; typical procedures in collecting the sperm, storage and preservation, discretion with regards to client's wishes for privacy, and so on and so forth. I'm working with a slightly futuristic setting, mostly so I have some room to play around with 'dates of expiration' and the like.
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Your stories

Because our members have expressed interest in seeing how the answers to some of the questions will be used--

If you've asked a question and used the answer in your story, post a link so we can see how it turned out! I ask that you only post links to the stories that you've asked questions for, to keep it simple (if you link to your website, please make it clear which story you had help on).

This post will be linked to on the user info page and in the memories.
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Explosions and close range.

I suppose I could just make this up, but it's a pretty significant event that moves along all my characters and if it's done poorly I'll look like a goob. XD

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Any ideas would be appreciated; I've been flailing over this for days, unsure. Glad I found a place to ask. Thanks so much. :D
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My first question.

Love the community, yadda yadda. <3

I'm writing a reflective Parasite Eve story and the main character, Aya, had a cornea transplant when she was younger (her twin sister, who had died in the car crash, was the donor). I was wondering...

- Will she have a scar anywhere around said eye because of it? (Tetsuya Nomura didn't draw her with one, I'm afraid, but surgery will always leave a mark, I believe).

- Are there any....let's call them 'side effects' from getting a cornea transplant? The only thing my search came up with was in some cases, folks with such transplants have slight cases of astigmatism in that eye. The game also hints at Aya being able to 'see' some things her sister had seen before she died... But that's about it. Anything else?

Thanks and much love in advance!
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Hypothermia question.

The situation: a relatively healthy boy of about 15, not particularly warmly dressed, who's been lying unconscious partially buried in snow. (The unconsciousness is the reason why he's lying there, rather than a result of the cold.) Not particularly extreme temperatures - this would be in England, so probably not far below about 0C/30F - although there's room to fudge it a little because of certain supernatural elements involved. It would be about 15-30 minutes before anybody has a chance to get to him and try to wake him up.


* How badly affected is he likely to be by that kind of exposure? Assuming the unconsciousness hasn't done him any damage, would there be any trouble reviving him, and how much difficulty would he have with walking a shortish distance to get to the nearest house for assistance?

* If he was then taken to a hospital, what kind of treatment/examination would he receive there, and how long would they probably keep hold of him?

* What kind of aftereffects, if any, might he be suffering over the next few days?

Any kind of information would be appreciated.

Mandarin Chinese help

I need a Mandarin Chinese endearment, such as would be attached to a person's name at the end of the 19th century.

Something like "Scarlett darling," or "My dearest Mary" or "Beloved John" or "my sweet Mike" and suchlike.

My Chinese is utterly non-existant. (I can count in Japanese and swear in Korean, but neither of these help)

Thanks in advance.


New member here. :-)

I need to know the make and size of a fairly big and/or just expensive sailboat that one man can sail by himself. The character lives on it and likes pretty, flashy things, so it should be something that would catch his eye on first sight -- inside and out.

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I got good info last time, so here's another question, this time involving trucks.

Or rather, jeeps.

I have two jeeps going at each other in an on-the-go brawl, each driver trying to take the other completely out of commission. The first is a pretty damn big, burly, patchworked, survive-a-couple-apocalypses all-terrain deal (this is a post-apocalyptic scenario). The second jeep is a typical sized, shrimpy compared to the other one, with all its original parts (which probably means not very good parts, either). The good guy is in the big one, trying to get his pursuer off his back and put him out of commission. It's pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, mostly sand/dirt terrain, so there's no pavement, no walls or guardrails.

My question is, what sort of things could a larger vehicle do to an opponent to either roll him, crush him, or just plain blow the hell out of him? And what could the smaller vehicle do to defend itself or even take the offensive? I don't think the larger vehicle is so large that he can just roll right over him like some monster truck, it's just a burlier, sturdier vehicle than its rival. I wasn't sure if it was so easy to muscle a vehicle into the ground or not. If it is, just say so.

If nothing else, I can just have the driver whip out a gun. But I figured that would be too easy.

If it helps, both vehicles are topless. Thanks in advance.