December 7th, 2004

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Simple question...

Pretty simple, straight-forward question (and, probably rediculous, but as I know nothing about engineering...).

What are some neat electrical/computer-ish jobs that can be obtained by someone with an engineering degree?

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Who am I, again?

Put quite simply, I need information on amnesia. I have practically built a story around one man's search for who he is, and have come to realize that I know very little about the affliction. For instance:
1.) What possible causes and cures are there? Are there any at all? Some mental disorders simply... are.
2.) How do those with amnesia usually deal with it?
3.) What do they still remember?
4.) Does an amnesiac's body (and perhaps some part of their mind) really still remember how to do things that they no longer even remember enjoying? For instance, could an archer afflicted with a loss of memory suddenly discover that he knows how to shoot a bow?
5.) How long does amnesia usually last, and what memories resurface first... if at all?

I'd hate to write around certain events just to find they're only plausible in soap operas, fanfics, and movies on Lifetime. ;)
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This is probably a stupid question, but at what age do modern-day sailors usually retitre? merchant sailors, not military, mind you.
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(no subject)

Greetings, helpful folks! A medical question.

How long would it take for a person to get back to normal after losing two pints of blood if they've received a transfusion to replace what was lost?

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Data from DNA and Cyberpunk stuff

First post, and this is the best comunity ever.

Got a few questions on the sort of information someone can get from a small DNA sample for use in a cyberpunky story (I'm thinking the time period is about 2080, though it is alternate universe.) I'm assuming they've cracked the basics of the genome in that they can read what does what, but they don't have the ability to to splice it fully, and it's banned anyway.

Basically, I want people's computers to take DNA samples, from a kind of key they wear on themselves, partually for security (Which I think would be perfectly possible) and partly to generate the avatar they appear as online. So, some things I need to know:

1) Could a blood/dna sample tell what age you are? And if so what about height and build?

2) If the computer was fast and specialised enough, would it be able to generate an idea of what the person would look like at different ages if it can't tell outright the age from the sample.

3) How big a sample would you actually need?

and not quite linked but I'm still intruiged,

4) Where would be the best places on the body to put a module to interface with the nervous system? (For 'feely' programs) Would it be plugged into the brain or the spine? Or could it go on any nerve?

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Would anyone happen to know since when tequila is drunk, and more importantly, since when it is drunk with salt and lime? How is the chance of it happening in the early 18th century?
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Boston Questions...

Is there a nice cafe or coffee shop in the North End of Boston where you could have a private conversation? Not too out of the way but still in the public? Also I have a map of Boston, but I'm not sure exactly where the Combat Zone starts and stops, the streets. All I know of it is from way too many Robert B. Parker books.

Thanks muchly!
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Administrative question

I'm loving this community and the questions that arise. Some of these questions have me very curious about how the writers intend to use them. Would it be possible to keep a master list of stories that benefitted from the community? I'm sure many of them are in fandoms I would never read and I really want to know how some of these questions turn out in the end.
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18th century medical question

Say I've got a shrimpy 12-year-old boy in the early 18th century Americas who's been stabbed in the lower back by a bayonet a couple of times. Is he gonna make it? If so, what's the doc gonna do to treat him, will he get some sorta drug (an opiate?) during/after treatment, and how long might recovery take? If not...

Say I've got a shrimpy 12-year-old with a slash rather than some punctures. What would be used for sutures? Any hope of pain-relief via drug while he's getting stitched up, or should he just try to pass out?

ETA: Just had a few quick words with a doctor who knows a teensy bit about 18th century medicine (though not bayonets, so we went with the generic "he was stabbed by a knife"). Collapse )
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I swear I'll shut up soon. >D

Yet another off-topic update!

As you may have seen, the community finally has its own icon! Which I am unreasonably proud of, as I made it myself, which is why it sucks so badly. (In a very quiet hint, if anyone with access to Batty pictures and a decent amount of icon-making talent and wishes to donate better snarky icons to the community, I them, I guess.)

Also, we now have three lovely co-maintainers! shoiryu, rackhamrose, and ladybirdsleeps are the particularly special kinds of friends that will smack me with bricks if I'm too much of an idiot, so naturally I have entrusted them with all of my semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic admin powers. ladybirdsleeps was more than happy to validate my judgement by immediately running rampant and deleting me from the community--but she invited me back again, so you know that you're in good and only slightly megalomaniacal hands!

Seriously, though, they're great ladies and they're here to help. (Specifically, if anybody decides to abuse the privilege of the anonymous posting feature which I have left on to enable discreet answers to the touchier question topics(drugs, sex, medical issues), they will fight amongst themselves over the right to abuse and ban you.)

I think that's about it for the update. I'm off to write fic, and then I'm going to have to wade through all these questions and catch up with the memory archiving. You leave for one weekend and look at what happens.

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Chemical reactions.


A little backstory to confuse you:

One of my characters is in Chemistry class (not university level). Someone dares her to sniff a gas byproduct of a chemical reaction during one of the labs. And she does it. Because she's sixteen and stupid. (Not calling all sixteen-year-olds stupid, but this one -- rather is.)

The question:

I'm not sure what chemical reaction would be best there because a) I'm not trying to kill her off (because she might turn out to be cool by the end; I'm not sure, though), and b) I need to know what chemical reactions produce a gas that would only knock someone out for a spell.

I thought of magnesium strips and hydrochloric acid, but that produces a hydrogen gas that is -- really a respiratory irritant.

Any suggestions on experiments that could yield this? Or maybe proof that hydrogen gas can knock someone out from a whiff? ('Cause I sure haven't seen it.)

Thanks in advance.
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Magic in SPACE

I'm looking for input on a world-building problem that I've been pondering for a few days. It's for an original fantasy universe -- specifically, a magic city floating in space. I have my mind set on a particular "look" for this city, and I'm not sure how to make it work.

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(no subject)

I would really appreciate any recommendations I could get for fiction or nonfiction books or movies that would help me research the following:

New York City any time during the early to mid-70s. I want my characters to be either squatting or renting in a bad neighborhood, and would especially like to find sources that would educate me enough that I wouldn't sound like a total fool writing about it.
Plus anything that would help me research the punk music scene, grindhouse theaters, homeless shelters, plus any interesting events that occurred in that time and area.

Some idea of what Los Angeles would have been like around 1967-1969.

What it was like to attend Woodstock.

Thank you for anything you can think of to steer me in the right direction(s).