December 6th, 2004


To Have and To Hold

Does anyone know what it means when you write sentences that contain phrases like "I had walked" instead of "I walked," adding various forms of "to have" between subjects and verbs? I believe I've seen I saw something about this before, but I can't remember what it means. I have a character that always writes in this fashion (based loosely on me), and I'd like to find out what this means so I can possibly develop this plot line.


EDIT: I don't care at all about the grammar, I'm looking specifically for the theory. It had something to do with low self-esteem.
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Spanish endearments?

Okies here goes.. I have two characters whose native language is spanish, of which I know very little/not at all. Now, I need endearments for these two to use towards their significant others.

basically, one of the SO's is a curvy blonde, blue-eyed chick, a lot younger than her fiance who is a 27-year-old and from Spain. Her charicateristics are being witty and shy.

The second guy is 32, also from Spain, buut has spent a lot of time in LA so he would have picked up at least some Mexican expressions, I think, and his SO is a 19-year old brunette guy, whose charicateristics are being utterly adorable and cute and sweet.

anything, generic, specific, anything at all is v. much appeciated.

Hi ! New and lookin' for guns

Hiya everyone ! fanfic writer here needing a bit of info about guns for an upcoming plot bunny ...

I need to know what kind of guns cops have in the US (eventually in Japan, but I don't think cops actually do wear guns there) : I only get my knowledge fom detective novel, and caliber size has only a theoretical value for me, so maybe anyone could explain the difference between a 9mm and a .38. I need to get 3 cops equipped, if possible each with his own fav weapon. I tried browsing the Glock website, but I honestly have no idea which one is better for what.

Also, what kind of guns do you guys think people can get on the black market or on the street, in a society where there would be no free gun trade for every citizen ? Something powerful that can be well-hidden. I have no probs with ammo, but the gun to use them ... *looks sheepish*

Thanks minna !


A question pregnant with meaning.

First off, great idea for the community. I remember there's another fanfic research group out there, but for the life of me, i can't remember its name.

Uh, right, question. I was looking over a fanfic I wrote a little while back where one of the characters contracted a disease that didn't do wonders for oxygen transport through the body. It got to the point where her body tried to abort her unborn children (read: cargo unnecessary for personal survival). Note that I said children - she was carrying twins.

To cut a long story short, here's the question: Suppose this happened in real life. Missing Twin Syndrome aside, what is the likelihood of only one twin being aborted late in pregnancy, say six months? If we're talking about identical twins, could the other be saved once the process began? Fraternal?
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Skiing Question: Follow Up

(First off, thanks for the people who helped with my previous question about ski lodges. That as quite informative!)

It's been a long time since the last (and first!) time I went skiing, and I was just a kid at the time. So, I don't quite know the details of adult ski suits -- namely, how difficult they are to take off.

Let's just say that the details of the story require attention paid to undressing (use your imagination, littlies). My question is, if you've just gotten back to your room, how much of a pain is it to get out of one's ski suit? I'm thinking it's just a heavy, bulky oversuit deal that goes on over your other clothing, but I'd like to make sure I'm accurate, here, since I know that ski afficiandos would definitely see through improper details. :)
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Question concerning interference of electronic appliances

First of all, I want to thank everyone who offered wonderfully detailed and helpful information concerning my last question.

In the same universe as the activist / terrorist group that uses playing cards for their names, I've got another question. I'm claiming that there's some form of regional interference which affects all forms of electronics. This is partly because I would prefer to keep the technology held back a bit so I don't have to make up a ton of futuristic equipment. It's also because I can see some neat visual tricks I can play using this.

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...I'm so glad I found this o_o;

So, I'm researching for a fanfic I'm planning to write, the manga's Gouhou Drug, and it's based around the third volume where the guys are at a private all-boys boarding school.

I thought, since this high school must be privately funded there might be "extra" privileges the boys get, like elective subjects and school events.. that's what I assumed, noticing they wore no school slippers that normal schools in Japan require students wear. Or since it is a boarding school the administrators allow one designated pair of shoes just around campus?

My real question is what technical differences are there between regular schools and boarding schools in Japan? Are there more "clubs" or whatever because of it? What are the rules on curfew? Any other helpful info is so so sosososo welcome. :)

Bombs and Magic

Plausibility/other suggestions check needed here.

I want to write an HP story - but it would involve events that took place in 1945 and before (Dumbledore defeating Grindelwold and World War II, more precisely). I want to have some kind of economic crisis come up - it will be what spurs the wizarding community into communications with muggles (wizard Minister to Prime Minister), creates various muggle-related departments in the Ministry for Magic, and kicks off this whole other section of plot (yeah, this is gonna be complicated). But the way I want to do this...

I want to have a bomb fall on Diagon Alley. Gringotts, more specifically. A Nazi bomb from the Luftwaffe strife bombings of London. It would be utterly catastrophic, no matter what cause I chose, and that seemed, for my purposes, the best. But how plausible is it? Do you think the wizards would have strong enough protection spells that the spells could stop a bomb? If communication between the two worlds is so low, would they even know what bombs were? Would they be participating in things like black outs and practice raids? What about part-Muggle or Muggleborns? This is one of those ideas I love - but I have no way of judging whether other people would buy it. If it doesn't work, what else can I use? I need something that will put the wizarding world in a severe crisis, and I can't use a Voldemort-like reign of terror.
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Calling All Geeks

Quick question:

In my story I have someone using a *very* old database program, something from the late 80's, early 90's, pre-Windows.

Now I remember using those programs, but what would it be called so that the reader would recognize this is something ancient by computer standards?

Is the program "running" in DOS? "Written" in DOS? Something else entirely?

Geek me, babies!
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A few related questions...

1. What sort of accident could cause somebody to lose their tongue, or just the use of their vocal cords?

2. After such an accident, what sort of noises could they make?

3. If they lost their tongue, what effect would it have on their eating habits?
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Madonna in the '80s

What look was Madonna into in the latter half of 1984? I can't keep track of Madonna's multitude of styles now, so I'm sort of at a loss for the early '80s, when I wasn't even born. ;-) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Ok. I know next to nothing about motorcycles.

On a sport-style motorcycle (the speedy ones), how much would full (or even empty) storage compartments on it affect the bike's overall agile performance? I.e. speed, tight turns, or how far one can tilt on it through a turn (and anything else you think might come into play during an intense situation while the bike is moving). I notice that not all sportstyle bikes have these added compartments on the side, so I wasn't sure how that worked.
If it helps, the bike is used for distance travel and small cargo, but also for hasty get-aways (as a lot of what the driver does is illegal).

Also, this character I have with this motorcycle has a tail. I know it's a stretch and maybe an absurd possibility, but could his tail be of any use in terms of balance or control?

Sorry if my questions sounded... off X.x I've been having terrible writer's block lately, and haven't been able to construct very good sentences at all.
Thanks for any help.
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Military law questions

American military law questions.

Would custody dispute between a military officer and their civilian (ex)spouse be tried in a civilian or military court? Would the officer (if they weren't willing to hire a costly civilian attorney) have a military lawyer?

In a similar vein, if a civil dispute between military officers arose, would it be tried in a civilian court?

I know that the Navy and the Marines are covered by JAG, but what about the Army and Airforce? Do they have their own legal departments? And if so, (related to the above question about disputes between officers) for example an Army and Navy officer had a dispute, which court would handle it?

Whew. This sounded a LOT less complicated in my head.
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Alternate Japanese place names

Hi :) I hope you folks can help... I'm trying to come up with the Japanese names (WWII era) for

Hawaii, Indonesia, Sarawak, New Guinea, Borneo (and Brunei, if there's a distinction), Timor, Hong Kong, and Indochina.

Thanks in advance!
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Lurker with a question

Random, I know, but...

During the late 16th/early 17th century, how would fairly serious facial (or any other) injuries have been treated?

Specifically, how would a gash on someone's face which blinds them in one eye have been treated?

Thanks in advance!
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