December 5th, 2004

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Help with training.


This is such a great community, so informative!

I've got a couple of different fics where I'm trying to train someone to fight. Balance, broadsword, staff, boxing. Things like that. Any help would be great, be it advice or links or whatever you got.

Thanks muchly!
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All right . . .

. . . another hypothetical I need help with, if anyone can help me. :)

Let's say you're a government secret agent. American government. Or at least you were, until you were regretably killed (during a Martian invasion, but I don't think that's probably terribly important.)

Anyway. What are they going to do with your stuff, after such an occurance? (Both if you have family and not--there are some of each. If there's a difference.) I mean . . . being a secret agent, and all, I can't imagine they just call your next-of-kin up to clean everything out, or leave it for the landlord to take. (Though . . . I guess it's possible . . .)

Er . . . anyway. Thanks in advance. ^^
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Chemical Explosions

I need a chemical reaction for a short story. The idea is that a sealed container of chemicals ______ would explode when exposed to air. It's a magic based story, so hugely expensive and advanced technology cannot come into play. However, magic exists in the story, so if magic can be used as a substitute, that is fine. So what chemicals am I looking at?
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The solution to Shampoo's weapon and a question about fighting mechanics

Oh, y'all may recall my question about the weapons yesterday? That no one got the answer to.

WELL. I screencapped the scene in crouching tiger, hidden dragon Collapse ) and then I started whining to my friends when the problem occured to us.

It was a *chinese* weapon (for some reason still unknown to me I'd been looking at japanese ones. Even though both the characters I'd seen use them were chinese. I hate myself).

The solution to the problem was that they're double hammers and the type that Shampoo was using looked like twin melon hammers or something like that.

Uh. I just felt like updating some people who might have gotten curious and stuff and I'm gonna wonder if anyone knows how large of a build and weight someone would have to have to wield sticks with giant lumps of metal on the end without hurting themselves/falling over on a swing. Or if anyone knows the mechanics that might be needed to use two maces/hammers at once. I'd use these caps as a guide, but, uh, yeah. This is the movie with the flying sword chicks.

I am still with the questions! and wondering if I should go dummy some up and see for myself.
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On Chinese history

One of the magnum opuses (opii?) that I'm currently stalled on is about a girl who moves from Southern California to Lawrence, Kansas. She's a bright girl, in honors classes and she's taking sophomore world/European history, and her dad's got a doctorate focusing on Chinese history.

A major plot point of the first section is that her European history teacher docks her points from a test because of something relating to Chinese history that she knows is right from what her dad's researching, but her teacher doesn't know about because it hasn't been conclusively proven yet. I was thinking of setting it during the time period of the research for this book, because the idea in the book is so contrary to established teaching that it's not likely to be known anywhere else. However, I've encountered other websites who attack the book and they also sound convincing.

It's important that she be utterly right in this matter. So does anyone here know of any other new and absolutely mind-blowing revelations about the relationship between China and the rest of the world prior to the Renaissance era? Things that are more concrete and bulletproof than the idea mentioned in the book?