December 3rd, 2004

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Lullaby Lyrics

I've googled and searched for days and come to the conclusion it's just an uncommon lullabye. But I adore it and I'd like to have a character sing it.

I know these aren't the complete lyrics, but there what I remember. Can anyone complete it? And give me a context: where it came from, who wrote it, a timeframe(i.e.: is it okay for someone to sing it before 1950?)

Baby Moon

There's a wee baby moon
Lyin' on his back
With his funny little toes
In the air

And he's all alone
In the big blue sky
But the wee baby moon
Doesn't care

Baby moon
Keep shinin' on me
Baby moon
Keep shinin' on me...

Thanks so much in advance!
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Help on military ages...

Found this comm on its first day - just realised it's just what I need. ^^

'Kay. The question. Googled and Wikipedia'd, but still clueless.
I'm looking for info on how old, on average, members of the army/marines at different ranks are, or how long it typically takes to reach certain ranks. Info on both enlisted and officers would be handy.
The main character I need to find this out for is a young, up and coming captain, who signed up as soon as he could. The world the story's set in is purely fictional, so there's a bit of swing room on the times/ages compared to real life.

Thanks for any help!
  • furikku

US Police Departments

Could some helpful soul please give me some aid here? Google's not helping at all.

I need a basic summary of the various ranks of police officers and what their duties are. (Any further info, like what different departments/divisions do, and what the general job is like, would also be appreciated, as would any useful links for any of this.)

(ETA: This would be for the police in the United States.)

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Government Agencies - FBI, CIA, etc

This community is such a wonderful, wonderful idea!

Living in New Zealand, I don't have a clue about any of them, so...

What's the difference between the FBI and the CIA?
What exactly do they do anyway?
Why don't they get along?
What do the initials stand for?
What does MI5, MI6, stand for, do, etc.?
Which agencies go with England, and which go with USA, and what are the ones for other countries?
What penalties (oficial or otherwise) go with what agencies for what infractions of what rules, and what are the rules anyway?

How do you quit the CIA without being dead?
And would they fire you if you got both eyes drilled out, but were still deadly?
Video Game Hank

Quote Question....

I half remember this quote block from a book that I'd like to incorporate into a fic, but I can't remember a) what it's from, and b) an integral word. The scene is a mother and daughter talking, and the daughter says to her mother

Daughter: My (boyfriend/husband/fiance) is a (member of some organization/group)
Mother: Oh, men all have their clubs. I remember your father and his friends had their little group that they called (some name of the group), but it was really just an excuse to play cards.*


If anyone has any information on this, it would be severely appreciated. I'm pretty sure it's from a contemporary work, but I could be wrong.

Thank you!
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Faerie-American Trade / Special Ops Groups

First of all, I'd like to say how grateful I am for this community. I know I'll post 5 or 6 times before my story is half way finished.

My story involves the U.S. government sending an Ambassador to the Faerie realms. The time setting is present day. However, the Faerie (in another realm) are in a time period of their own. Their clothing is similar to Victorian and they speak in an archaic very formal style (if that helps). Anywho, the U.S. ambassador is there to work a trade agreement with their new allies. What kind of items would the faerie be interested from the U.S.? They have magic, so I'm thinking along the lines of technology. But they can't go from horses to cars, so what basic techological advances could be introduced? I have ideas about what the U.S. could want from the Faerie, but more ideas would be helpful.

Another question (unrelated to my first). What are the names of some special ops. groups (in America/European Countries)? I'm aware of the Green Berets, but what are others? Preferably intelligence based.

Thanks. If I didn't explain things correctly, just tell me and I'll try to "unconfuse" you. ^^;