December 1st, 2004


Head Trauma with whacky results!

I have a character (same story as the previous question, actually) whose range of emotions is very small. And I mean very small. Her mother died and she didn't bat an eye. She's like a robot (or a Vulcan >_>a).

The reason for this is really character development things, but you know. I'd like to have a...reason I can give the readers, since it is something rather odd.

Right now I'm thinking along the lines of head trauma as a young child. Is it possible that some sort of trauma (ie, getting hit rather hard with a bat, for example) would damage the emotional center of the brain, making it nigh impossible for her to show any emotions that she does happen to feel? (I know somebody once who got hit in the back of the head, toward the base of his skull, and it totally decimated his sense of taste and smell. That's hardly the same, but it's a similar vein, so I'm thinking it's plausible.)

If not, are there any injuries or disorders you can think of that would explain this phenomenon?
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Transvestite question

If a young guy is dressing as a female, and trying to do so in a very convincing manner (in up-close real life, not for the stage) is there anything simple he can do about his waist and hips probably not looking "feminine"? Are they any obvious "pitfalls" he should look out for? (This is not someone doing it as a lifestyle at this point.) Could a young teen slim guy with a high voice probably pull this off? (It's Ash Ketchum at a slightly older-than-canon age, if that helps. Heh, yeah... weird fandom. I'm trying to do a little better than canon did on this...) I know fictional guys always seem to manage, but I'm curious.

(This is not for a long work or a very serious one, so mostly I'm trying to avoid glaring errors. But then again, get detailed if you like, someone else may look this up someday...) Thanks in advance for any help!

cocaine and other drugs

*blesses the creator of the community*

I write beyond my scope (although hopefully not beyond my capabilities) a lot - which makes this place a godsend. I was going to ask my flist, but there's probably broader experience here.

Has anyone here taken cocaine and is willing to share their view of the high? Or esctacy and will share experience of the trip? Even if you haven't actually been on it yourself but have known someone who did cocaine on a regular basis - you can mail me privately if you don't care to post it publically.

Thanks, muchly.
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Umm hello

Hello, nice community here, hope you don't mind if I intrude...

Anyway, I have a question. What would happen if you got shot, close range, in the chest, with a blank bullet? I've tried to google it, but it all it said was that some actor shot himself with a blank in his head and died from it.

But what would happen, specifically. Thank you.
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(no subject)

Coolest community idea ever.

Okay, anybody here know the legal drinking ages in Japan and England?

Also, how exactly would having one eye affect someone's vision? Assuming this person has lived without their left eye for about seven years, what activities would be impaired by it?
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Guns Control and Britain

This community is awesome and I extend my gratitude to everyone who left comments to my last post. :D

In 1968, what were the rules on functioning antique firearms (in case the age of the firearm makes any difference; it's a functioning 1895 Nagant Revolver, maufactured in 1912 at the Tulsa factory in Russia, though these same guns were used in both world wars and even after) in Britain? Do your antique weapons have to be registered? What kind of pentalty would you have for owning a functional weapon without registration today? Would it make any difference if the weapon was a display piece and had not been used, and was not carried in public?

(no subject)

This community is so awesome. (Felt the need to add to the love!)

I have a question that's kind of personal. A character in my novel is going to have an early-2nd trimester miscarriage. I'd like an idea of what this might be like from a medical standpoint and from a personal experience.

My questions are, basically:

1 - Medically speaking: What might cause a miscarriage in the 2nd trimester? What would happen to the woman? (i.e., is it just a lot of bleeding, is there any kind of medical procedure done afterward, would she need to go to or stay in the hospital?) Are there any long-term physical repercussions?

2 - Emotionally/Personally speaking: Would someone be willing to share an experience? It's ok if not; I can imagine it's a very difficult thing to relive.

I'm pretty clear on the psychological implications (since her psychological reaction to the miscarriage is central to the story), and I know the emotional reaction would be different for each person.

This won't be written from her POV, so I don't have to be totally inside her head, but she would need to be able to talk about it and I would need to be able to describe what she goes through.
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(no subject)

. . . um. I don't know if I'm actually going to write the fic I need to know this for, but the lack of information is kind of barring me from even conceptualizing it. So . . . if anyone has an idea, I'd love to know.

Let's say you work for a secret government organization. American government, in particular. And at one point, you are captured and (it seems) tortured for information. (By aliens, but somehow I don't think that matters.) From what I can tell, you're rescued within the same day, more or less in-tact.

After such a sequence of events, what is your boss likely to do about you?

(Additional details, if they'll help or change things: You occupy a position of some importance in the organization, probably second or third from the top. You've recently been outed as an alien piloting a human suit. You've got a bunch of suspicious activity to your name, though for some reason nobody actually seems to notice this. And it's pretty well-established that you know Lots Of Stuff. Your next appearance in canon is about five months later, where you still appear to be working for the organization and doing fine.)

Heh. ^^; Thanks in advance, any ideas'll help.

EDIT: Come to think of it, any ideas on how you'd treat a more, er, regular employee who's just been tortured could be helpful, as well.
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(no subject)

:O I officially love the mod of this community! Heh... you'd hardly believe it was only two days old...

Anyways, straight to the point... or rather, the points - I have three questions (I think O.o;), and yup, I've finally found the place to ask them ^^

However, the very first thing I'm going to say is that I'm very long-winded and unable to say what I mean without saying it twice, and for that, I apologise and will repent with an lj-cut :D

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(no subject)

I've finally thought up some questions of my own to ask! I knew I had them, I just couldn't remember them. o_o

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I can't believe how well this community is running! Already I'm scrambling with the memories... (On that note, I'll be adding two more memory categories--Medical Questions and Grab Bag.)

EDIT: For clarification on the perforation bit--yes, I am aware that earring holes and whatnot DO heal. But what I meant was that earring holes heal up enough so that they don't bleed anymore, and they don't hurt, but the hole is still there. I'm not aware of that happening if, say, someone stabs you through the hand with a knife--you don't just have a hole in your hand that heals over around the edges and that you can stick straws through, and I want to know why that is.



First off, I just have to say I love this community already.

Now, as to the topic at hand, this is both for an assignment for one of my classes and a scene in one of my fics. What I want to know is what, in your opinion, is the most obnoxious accent to read rendered out phonetically? If you have any links to sites describing how to do that accent, it would be nice, but really I'm looking for an accent that would be almost impossible to decipher as written. I don't want my character (or my readers) to be able to decipher it.

Thank you.
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Another brief announcement post!

A few new memory categories have been added--Religious Questions, Medical Questions, and Darwin's Grab Bag! (You get t3h l33t points if you recognize that last reference.) The last category is for posts that ask several questions on varying subjects, so that there aren't a whole bunch of posts stuck in three or five different categories.

On a semi-related note, to those of you who've been titling your posts with exactly what you're asking about, thank you. >D Saves me a few seconds. (Although I confess, I've been having fun thinking up creative titles for the less specifically titled entries...)

Also, I have been asked to pimp the following Yahoo! groups, which all deal with things similar to this community--albeit being a bit harder to access and sort through. I would put it in the community info, but frankly that's already quite long enough...


EDIT: A few people have mentioned some bad experiences within the Yahoo! groups here, so if you decide to use these resources, you may want to exercise some caution...

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(no subject)

Hello everyone! This looks like a very good community and I'll be lurking around in the case someone needs info I know. But right now I have a question of my own:

How do people sleep in Middle East (Syria, actually) nowadays? Do they have beds, carpets or something else?
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(no subject)

Brilliant community - I have a feeling I'll be here a lot. ^^

Iodine. I know it can be used to treat reptiles, but is it standard fare for humans? [Me = someone who knows nothing about first aid]
If so - does it smell or sting or stain skin?

On a related note - what would go in a First Aid kit in America and how much of it would go in? (Just in case it's different from everywhere else. Not that I even know the contents of a British one, but still.)
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police guns

Hi--this community is such a great idea.

I'm looking for information on what kind of gun a police detective would use (he's retired, but I figure since he was on the force for thirty years, he'd want the same kind of gun). Specifically, a Chicago detective, who retired in the late 1990s. All I could find in my first googlish attempts was that, unlike many other cities' forces, CPD doesn't use Glocks. (Wouldn't it be nice if the site had gone on to say what they do use? I thought it would.)

Joshua//I see what you did there
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(no subject)

Might be a bit of a long shot, but I think it's worth a try.

I'm looking for information about skills a ninja would use, with emphasis on getting into/through/out of places without being detected and methods of silent/near silent and instant kills for a fic I'm currently poking about on. (Final Fantasy 7 semi-Turk fic if anyone's interested) Any and all information is greatly appreciated. ^^

Physical deformity, drugs, and Social Services

Hello, new here! I'm very glad someone thought to make this community!

I have a rather specific question that I haven't been able to find. In my story, a baby is born with a physical deformity. Specifically, since my story has supernatural elements, wing-like, half-formed protrusions from the back. Right after that, however, it is given up for adoption. Would Social Services try in any way to acquire the surgery to fix a deformity, or would that be up to the eventual adoptees and the baby would just have to deal with it until then?

Also, if anyone has any information on the effects of drugs in the womb, it would be much appreciated. Any and all drugs you can think of.