November 30th, 2004

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Okay. This is a little odd, but I'm asking anyway, because I want to know.

Let's say a person was shot in the hand, clean through. He/she then cauterizes the wound, because the bleeding won't stop and he/she doesn't have a better method handy. My question: what will the result look like? Will it heal up into a big scarry mass, will it be almost a hole, or what?

Also, how much weight does it take to crush a person's chest (i.e. suffocate them)?

I swear I'm not always this morbid...

edited to clarify: I'm specifically talking about suffocating a person who is lying down, by putting weight on their chest (pressing down or piling weights). Although all this other info is quite interesting, and is giving me all sorts of ideas...
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A little gathering of stuff for my best friend...

Any and all information on fighter pilots and fighter planes in the 20's, 30's, and 40's would be most appreciated. Everything from plane mechanics to flight gear. Links are wonderful. Anything you can give me, anything at all!

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Great community. :3

I'm thinking of setting something in an alternate 1930's-1940's period. I'm planning to change some things but most of it I do want to keep fairly accurate. So how would people view gender and sex in the late 1930's? Like, clothing (formal, military, air force, everyday), hairstyles. Any help would be loved. ^^

And on a random note: how would having a dislocated shoulder feel? If you weren't in any position to get to a doctor any time soon (we're saying days, if not weeks), can you treat yourself? If so, how?


Anyone know of a *current* list of various British slang terms.. mainly the sexual ones, practices and parts. Would be much appreciated as I've seen lists all over but, being American, haven't a clue if they are accurate for this day and age.

Thankya (and I wish I knew answers to some questions posed already, they sound like fascinating stories).

Off-topic announcement!

Just a note that I've made memory categories for certain common topics(legal questions, language questions, etcetera), and that I'll be popping relevant entries into those categories so that, if someone's question has already been answered in the community, they'll be able to find it easily. (To that end, I've also tried to make the titles of the memoried posts reflect exactly what they discuss.)

I'll be changing the community info a bit to mention this fact, so that people looking for an answer can just check the memories and (if they're lucky) get their question answered instantly. ^_^

The community is growing faster than I'd expected, even considering the highly-trafficked places I pimped it. o_o I may need mods soon...

Also, to the people who keep thanking me--don't bother! Seriously, I'm getting as much out of this community as anybody else. >D Believe me, my intentions were not entirely altruistic!

Thumbs up


Cheap introduction: Hi, I'm Kim, I'm 18, I live in Montreal, yadda yadda yadda. Done. :-)

First of all, this is a FABULOUS community. :-) I published a novel this year and I only wish this place had been around when I was writing it. It would have saved me hours of research on everything from typewriters to phonographs to talking dolls (not the posessed kind, the normal kind).

Okay. Here's why I'm ACTUALLY posting.

There was a question dealing with accents above and I felt I should share this site with all of you. It's a speech accent archive featuring a lot of very useful notes on accents AND a lot of sound clips. It may be useful to get a feel for the intonation and way of speaking. It's by no means the GREATEST SOURCE EVAR!11! but it's definitely a good start and fun for quick reference.

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Sorry if this is slightly OT, but does anyone have ideas for nonconventional ways to wage war on vampires in a medieval fantasy setting?

I've got some interesting things so far like inserting silver wires (with magic/magically skilled surgery) around arteries, silver collars (only some of them real silver), archers with longbows that fire long, thin pieces of wood, and sunlight spells (combined with mirrors all over the place in the human palace, so it gets EVERYWHERE).

Oh, and evaporating holy water to make a sort of chemical-style warfare. I have a bunch of common things like garlic and holy symbols...

This is in a rather unconventional setting where silver harms vampires, as well.

Since vampires have been around for a while, I figure there would be methods to fight them- and unconventional methods are best.

Really creative ideas are highly appreciated, but if it involves bombs, magical and other reasons are needed for it being around.

It's not for a commercial work or anything that will be published (a simple web RPG), and giving credit would be awkward, so I can't promise you that people will know who came up with this...


This community is some serious awesome. It grew real fast XD It's wonderful.

Anywho, I am not Catholic and have never exactly been party to the whole...confessional...thing. My church doesn't use those booth things, so I have no idea how they work or whatever.

I'm working on a story currently wherein one of the major twists of plot involves a girl confessing, only to find out that the priest is her brother. Thankfully I'm a ways off yet from that point because I have no idea how that

Does the priest just kind of sit there and wait for people to come? How do you know which side to sit on? Does it distort voices any so that you can't tell who's confessing to you or who you're confessing to?

Any information you feel pertains to confessional booths as a whole would be much appreciated.
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I have some strange requests that reflect my great ignorance; does anyone know of any popular records (the vinyl kind) would have been available in Russia (preferably with music that is Russian in origin) in the 1970s? Would there have been orthodox churches still performing services in large cities? Along with my other 1970s questions; what were some hand soaps for men in Britain at that time period? And also, what kind of handgun regulations existed on antique (but fireable) pieces in the late 1970s/early 1980s?

And in a completely unrelated tack, if you fractured your elbow, and couldn't reach a doctor, how would you treat it? What would the worst-and-best case scenarios be? How long would that arm be out of commission?
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So this is interesting to try to ask.

I need hospital policies on releasing patients/run-away patients, specifically teenagers. The character in question is 16 years and being abused by her father. She was taken to the hospital by a farmhand and isn't there willing. She only got taken in because she was unconscious. Would she be able to check herself out of the hospital, would her father be able to, what would the procedures be?

Edit: And the farmhand said she was being abused, but she denies the abuse.
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a couple of questions...

I really ought to be studying, but I saw this comm being pimped on the friendslist and since I've had a couple of questions bugging me for a while...

How long would it take one person to drive from somewhere in California (Sunnydale to be exact, so let's just say LA) to Seattle?

And also... anyone have any ideas about therapies/treatments for paraphasia? I've found little on the subject beyond what I already knew.

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Anyone out there from LA? I'm working on a story and there's a scene where one character is leaving his hotel in downtown LA and needs to get to LAX. It's 7AM on a weekday. About how long will this take? How bad is traffic? Are there subways or commuter rails or should he take a bus/cab?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!
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School Shootings

This problem has stymied me for months.

In the climax to one of my stories, a student goes on a shooting rampage in her school. Another character, portrayed earlier in the story as a drug dealer who frequently comes to school armed because of the large amounts of money she often carries, produces a gun of her own and takes down the mad shooter before she can harm any more students.

The trouble is that I do not know what legal ramifications would apply to the girl who shot down the mad shooter. From what I understand, the drug-dealer could be charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds . . . but these charges might be overthrown given that she used the gun in self-defence. Also, and I don't know if this would come into the matter or not, the mad shooter is not herself killed by the drug-dealer. (The drug-dealing aspect will not come into play at any time.)

I'm not looking for a great amount of legal details--there's not going to be a huge trial-scene or anything--just enough to tell the reader what eventually became of the drug-dealing girl. I realise these laws might vary from state to state, but since this story is pretty much set in Anywhereville, USA, I really just need a blanket that might apply anywhere in America.

Vietnamese (Buddhist) view on homosexuality

My character is the son of a woman who immigrated to the US (California, specifically) when she was young. He is currently 17, and his mother discovers that he is gay. She is fairly easygoing, but is pretty devoutly Buddhist. Basically I'm looking for the following:

1. How religion could affect the mother's reaction to her son's outing.
2. How religion could affect his self-acceptance.
3. How religion could affect how his friends react.

Again, this is specifically Vietnamese Buddhism, but I'm willing to take into consideration other similar disciplines etc.

Also, descriptions and/or locations of any Buddhist Temples in or around the San Diego area would be nice.

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Dwarfism and aging disorders!

... About a day in, and I can already tell I'm going to spend a lot of time in this place.

E-hem. Question time.

Ok, I'm planning a ficlet right now about a child vampire, who is a CEO of a high-powered company (an oil company that funds genetic research, if anyone wanted to know). Anyway, in order to not be found out as something other then human, she has false papers that say she suffers from a strain of dwarfism. Now, I know that dwarfism has many different forms, each with their own little medical problems and such, so what I was wondering is:

What form of dwarfism comes the closest to being able to produce a full-grown person that looks like a child? In other words, which kind is it that has the least dis figuration of limbs and body mass, keeps the body in close to normal proportion, and least chance of mental retardation? What is the scientific name, as well, and what are the symptoms/medical problems with it? Would it be able to explain her pale skin, as well, or would I be best with saying she has anemia or such?

Barring the above (which is a long shot, I know): Are there any aging disorders that slow the aging process?

Sorry if I haven't much sense, if you need clarification, just ask.

Thanks in advance!

Unisex pronouns

I'm working on a series of short stories set in a science-fiction/space-opera setting, and I've run into one little snag.

I've got a race of crystalline, asexual beings; one gender for the race. As they're asexual, the standard third-person pronouns of "he" and "she" don't really apply, and they're insulted when refered to as "it".

Are there any suggestions for third-person asexual pronouns that I could use, both in speech and as part of the story, that would work? I'm tentatively using "hir" as the objective and possessive pronoun, but the singular (he/she/it) part is starting to annoy me as, apparently, such a pronoun does not currently exist in either the Queen's English or in American English.
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