Meg Leigh (megleigh) wrote in little_details,
Meg Leigh

Correct Quote?

I am writing a  contemporary paranormal m/m romance, set in the united states in present day and wish to use a Latin Quote which I believe is attributed to Rene Descartes (although he was not the first person to say/think it).

My problem is in finding the correct wording of the quote.

It is the Latin phrase: I doubt, therefore I think, I think, therefore I am.

In Latin, is this written as
Dubito, ergo cogito; cogito, ergo sum.

or as

Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum.

I have found both on google searches with little to indicate which is correct.

Wikipedia says that Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum. is erroneously quoted, but it is not clear if it means that it is erroneously written, or it is erroneously attributed to Descartes.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Tags: ~languages: latin, ~quotes

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