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English Attitudes Towards Irish People in the 1800s/Obtaining Firearms in 1800s England

The story is set in the 1800s in England, or more specifically in 1837, close to the time of Queen Victoria's coronation. I have two male characters, D and L. D is not from Earth, but is convincingly English seeming enough. L is very much Irish and most likely has a distinct accent. To add to that, he's from five hundred-ish years in the future, and the whole thing is a big culture shock to him.

I've done a lot of Google searches using various combinations of 'irish', 'immigrants' 'attitudes towards' 'england 1800s' and looked through all the 1800s tags. I have a lot of useful information on other things, but getting specifics is difficult.

Basically, what was the average Englishperson's attitude towards Irish people? I'm assuming they'd basically stereotype them, but would an Irish person be able to go around London without being beaten up? I know it's vague, but I'm not sure how to write this.

Second question- how easy would it be for a regular person (L) to obtain a gun and ammunition? L does not know any contacts and has no money, D disapproves of that sort of thing and I don't know how readily available guns were back then. At the moment I'm assuming that the chances are pretty slim, and I'd rather not pull something out of my rear end to get him a gun.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: Thanks everyone, and sorry for the crap question. I figure as long as L doesn't go around announcing that he's Irish no-one'll notice. As for the gun, either bartering or stealing, if they're easily available. Thanks again.
Tags: ireland (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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