Agent Tomato (agent_tomato) wrote in little_details,
Agent Tomato

Age of Ghost Story

Setting: modern-day, an unnamed university on the East Coast
Researched: "ribbon ghost story" and variations thereof.  Have found many versions of the story, but no original source or age.

There is a ghost story that I heard in my childhood about a girl who always wears a ribbon around her neck (it's either red, yellow, or black, depending on the version).   On her deathbed, the ribbon is finally removed, and the girl's head falls off. 

How old is that story?  Would someone in his forties or fifties have heard it in his youth, or is it too new?

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Looks like variations of this go back quite a while.  Thank you all very much for your assistance!
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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