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Looking for sources on Columba da Rieti

I'm looking for sources on Columba da Rieti, but most specifically her mutilations and the attempted rape. I found one line regarding it in a e2 article, which I traced to a book (A History of Celibacy by Elizabeth Abbott, which seems totally awesome despite), but upon finding the book, there is still only one line about her, and that one line is not cited to any source.

"Columba da Rieti so mutilated herself with spiked chains bound across her hips and breasts, already scraped raw and blistered from her hairshirts, that a gang of would-be rapists who stripped her were too awed to consummate the deed" (126) is the line. I've found no reference to the incident elsewhere, despite quite a bit of googling ("columba da reiti", sometimes with the modifiers of "rape" or "chains") and it's really bothering me.
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