RedRio (redrio) wrote in little_details,

Cafe Musician Session's Pay

Setting: modern day, Boston
Searches: cafe performer hourly pay, cafe performing musician hourly pay, cafe performer musician session pay

I have an RP character who makes a pretty sad living off of performing in clubs, coffee shops and cafes [acoustic guitar, nothing special]. He's decent but not extraordinary, and at first did not have a vocalist, and can't sing for beans. I need a kind of before and after idea of what kind of money they could make.
At first he only played on slow shifts by himself, but after he picked up a moderately talented singer they started getting better hours and better pay. The only problem being, I don't know what a musician actually makes, on an hourly basis or for a pre-set session.

Would they get tips [does that even happen?]?
Tags: ~music

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