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Questions about being in films, 1940s Germany

I have a character who ends up in a Nazi propaganda film in 1940s Germany. (She knows this in advance and approves of it.) My main question: is there any particular sort of clothing, or colors of clothing, that she should or shouldn't wear? I'm thinking both in terms of it being black-and-white footage and because I know nothing about the practical nature of film-making in that period; I vaguely remember reading, for instance, that in the 1910s, indoor shooting was an extremely hot business.

I'd also be grateful for any information, or pointings in the direction thereof, of (to quote a friend who knows something about this period but not enough for my purposes) 'whether films were shot with direct or post-synchronised sound, or of how advanced the German industry was in this regard. Hollywood films of the period c. 1928 - 33 are notorious for stagey, static mise en scene because of the need to consider where the microphones were, whereas Italian films of the same period, which were always post-synchronised, maintained silent era camera fluidity.'

[He's doing a PhD in film so is allowed to use phrases like 'mise-en-scene'. :)]

It's for reasons like this that I'm a bit worried about simply picking up a biography of a Hollywood star of that period and trying to use the information there!

I know this is pretty obscure, but many thanks.
Tags: 1940-1949, germany: history, ~movies
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