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Causing intentional internal damage during sexual intercourse

Hello all,

I joined this community because I really, really could not find what I've been looking for, neither in medical textbooks, biology textbooks nor on the internet.  I'm afraid my question might be considered a bit... ehrm... sick? But I'm still hoping  someone might have an answer to it. So here goes:

I am nearing the end of my story (NWN fanfiction) and it is now time to have the villianess killed by the female protagonist. It is suposed to happen during a sexual intercourse between the two, but the problem is - the protagonist is smaller, weaker and has no weapons on her - not even the infamous "razor blade hidden in the mouth". So the way she will go about her killing business is as follows:

During the intercourse, preferably just before, better yet during the villianess' orgasm, the protagonist will shove her hand into  the villianess' vagina - forcefully and all the way up to the elbow. With this part, I ahve no problems - I checked and double checked and it is indeed possible to do. However, what happens next?

The idea is to have an internal cervix injury as a result of the assault and then to have the protagonist (this is where it gets really sick) just grab whatever it is under her hand at the moment and yank/pull hard, if at all possible yanking some internal organ (or a piece thereof) out.

I found that a vesicovaginal fistula can be created in this fashion and since that is, basically, a wound between a vagina and a bladder, I suppose it fills the inernal injury bill. What I need to know now is this:

1) Would it then be posible to grab/yank at the bladder and/or cervix tissue? This is the crucial point in the scene, so I really need to know.
1a) How "rippable" is the internal cervix wall anyway?
2) How bad an injury would that be? As in, the immediate effect?
3) How would a person recieving such an injury react? Aside from yelling in pain, that is. Pull legs close together? Instinctively fold up as close to a fetus position as possible?(The one to recieve an injury is a drow - a dark elf from Forgotten Realms setting; a race notoriously hardened against pain, so staying conscius through it is more or less expected - just for the record)
4) Finally, how long (approxinally) would it take to die from such a wound? I have read reports on women surviving similar injuries (ie, gunshots at point-blank range straight into the vagina) and living on with those injuries for years on end. Could such an injury kill right away? if so, how? As in, how bad the damage should be?

Like I said, I'm aware of how sick this whole thing sounds, but... I am still hoping for answers. Especially since it's the scene I'm supposed to start writing very soon.

EDIT 1: I finally got around to adding a proper subject title. My apologies to everyone for taking so long - net connection problems can really be a drag.

EDIT 2: And thank you everybody who helped me sort this, rather gorss, thing out. I just finished writing the scene yesterday evening; I wouldn't have been able to do that without the help I recieved here.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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