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Consequences of a character's disappearance (2 questions)

I have two somewhat related questions. This is a somewhat unusual and very specific situation, so I'm unsure even how to do a search for information. Setting: modern day small town in Ohio. Both questions involve the unexpected disappearance of my main character. He is gone for over two weeks. He has not told anyone where he was going or how long he would be gone, or even that he was leaving at all, and his roommate and his family and his employers are all fearing the worst. Eventually, he returns to his normal life. My questions are:

1) Since a missing persons report will probably be filed by his family, what legal consequences will he face upon returning suddenly? Will the police question him?


2) Right before he disappeared, his car died in the middle of a residential area and wouldn't start. He left it there intending to have it towed and fixed, but for certain reasons never ended up doing this. Obviously the car would eventually be towed while he was away. What are the steps he needs to take upon returning in order to get his car back? How long do towing companies hold cars, and if they are unclaimed for too long, what happens to the car? How long would a vehicle have to remain unclaimed for it to be resold (or whatever else would happen to it)?
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