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Effects of Being Culturally Relocated at a Young Age

Setting: Beginning in the late 1800's, ending in the early 2000's.
Location: Predominantly the French countryside.

So far, I've Googled "child psychology and removal", but to be honest, I have very little idea how to go about looking for this one. If anyone can give sources in addition to their answers, that would be greatly appreciated.

So, we have this character. He's a young boy who has been raised as a Roma for all of his life. Around the time that he turns twelve, his parents, desperate for food and money, end up selling him to an extremely wealthy French aristocrat. He is bought to be a companion for the aristocrat's daughter and is generally treated as the man's son. He continues to live within until he is roughly twenty-five, whereupon a horrible accident happens and he and the daughter are forced to flee the estate. Roughly a hundred years goes by between when these events take place and when the story begins (the afforementioned horrible events led to him becoming immortal, though that's of little consequence in regards to this question), and has done enough travelling in that time to drastically alter his concepts of the world.

My question, now, is thus: given the situation, how likely is he to still retain any of the codes and teachings of the Roma? It would seem by the time that he reaches twenty-five that he's given up on them, but given what little I know about child psychology, my thoughts are that a small part of him might still be trying to follow those codes. Is this true? What can anyone tell me about this?

ETA: This question is actually for a post-canon fanfic for the show Blood +, so the above explanation is a summary of the canon events.
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