Doktor Anon (psychicmayhem) wrote in little_details,
Doktor Anon

Organizational Breakdown

In a modern day setting, how would a mystical, charitable organization (such as the Freemasons or Shriners) react to the total destruction of its financial backing? Would such a group file for bankruptcy or would it be handled another way? I have tried searching through Google and Wikipedia, and though Wikipedia had some information on the subject, I was hoping to find more detailed information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: To explain further, assume that the country in question is the United States, though the organization also exists in Europe. Additionally, while the organization is similar in structure to the Freemasons, it is most assuredly not the Freemasons. Finally, as previously mentioned, the total financial collapse of such an organization is unlikely. What would be a more likely scenario for such a group's dissolution, other than the individual members simply disbanding the group?
Tags: ~economics (misc)

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