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mental disorder, hospitals, orphan, juvenile criminal law/sentences, suspected child abuse

This is going to be set in the late '90s (1998-1999) in the USA, unspecified city/state (can be chosen if absolutely necessary, but I'd prefer to leave it vague)

Googled various combinations of 'possession of unregistered/illegal firearms' 'minors/criminal justice system/juvenile law' 'arson charges/ arson charges minors' wiki'd juvenile criminal law and gun laws in the united states. I got some useful information from that but a lot of what came up on google was news reports and what got in depth went over my head or wasn't applicable. For the rest, I don't really know where to start and could use recommendations for better ways to search for the needed information as well as any information anyone could provide on the subjects.

It might not be relevant but for the sake of clarity, this is for a Supernatural fanfic I'm plotting.

Information on the situation (ignore it if you like): A minor aged 15-16 (Sam Winchester, though it doesn't matter) was picked up by the police after both his father and brother were killed in a firefight with the police at the scene of a murder, his mother is long deceased and not a factor. He doesn't remember the events leading up to this happening, it happening, or a considerable chunk of time after being picked up and transported to a hospital where he supposedly passed out and woke up several times before becoming aware. He blacks out for varying periods of time after this and 'dreams' of a deceptively real 'future' where his brother and father are still alive, and wakes up convinced that his father and brother's deaths and what happened afterwards is the dream/continually tries to find proof that it is and question the /reality/ around him.

Question one: When he was picked up, he was dozing in the car outside of the crime scene and generally unaware of what was going on until confronted by the police. He was injured (a few broken ribs, considerable bruising, several shallow lacerations, a concussion but nothing life-threatening). Though he doesn't remember this, how would the police have handled it? Would he have been taken into custody? Transported to a hospital at some point for his injuries (which had received nothing more than a quick clean up and some painkillers, and I need this to happen at some point and he can be more seriously injured if necessary)?

Question two: During the times he was awake that he doesn't remember, he was talking about demons and ghosts and, generally, the supernatural in a rational way. I need him to be confronted about this afterwards by either the police or doctors and, after several attempts to pass it off as nothing, to make an attempt to rationally explain the existence of these things and their relation to what his father and brother were doing before they were killed and for the conclusion that he's either insane or severely delusional to be drawn. How would this be confronted and handled? Possible diagnosis?

3: He has a criminal record, at this point probably for arson and vandalism both proven and suspected, and was in possession of several knives concealed on his person when he was taken into custody. The vehicle he was in contained a large collection of firearms, both registered and unregistered, as well as fake I.D.s belonging to his father and brother, and various other weapons. How would this effect how he was treated? Could/would he be charged with previous offenses? How would this be handled?

4: How would any kind of questioning by the police he would undergo be handled? Would/could his obvious delusional belief in supernatural involvement in the case and continued blackouts effect questioning and how? Would his word be of any worth?

5: What might he be diagnosed with, combined or separately, for the blackouts/belief that reality is a dream/delusions about the supernatural? Might he be considered a danger to himself, as the blackouts happen at random throughout the day, or possibly others? Would/could he be placed in a juvenile mental ward, considering his condition and all else (I'd prefer this to happen somehow)?

6: If doctors were to come to the conclusion that he was abused (from his injuries, his father's previous run ins with the law, possible previous investigations into the possibility if necessary) how would it be confronted/handled?

7: He is an orphaned minor with no immediate family to take over legal guardianship. Taking into consideration all above (and effecting it) how would this situation by itself and considering all of the above be dealt with?

I know it's a lot of questions but ANY information on any of it would be very, very helpful to me. I'm in way over my head and I know it.
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: government: law enforcement, ~custody & social services, ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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