chibiyaoichan (chibiyaoichan) wrote in little_details,

Twin psychic + Sexual abuse

A newbie here & I discover this great community through googling. Ummm, I have a question regarding with a story I want to write down.

It's about a fantasy like story where twin brothers separated since 5-8 years old due to soldiers raid their peaceful village. One (elder) to save his little brother, let himself to be caught & sent to slavery camp. The elder suffers a lot of pain & rape during his captive; which turned his persona into a cold uncaring assasin. The latter however, grew up almost normally & eventually he sets his journey to find his long lost twin.

The question is, is it possible for the younger brother (who is still a virgin) to actually feel all the torture & rape his brother had gone through? Can scars; not just psychic pain; from one twin can be transferred to another? I want it to be angst as possible.

I tried to googled it & search through wiki & some sites, all I came up is the Twins rape found guilty & some twin experiments...
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault, ~woo-woo

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