Badger (spartanwerewolf) wrote in little_details,

Seeking some info on abortions in Michigan/Detroit area

First off, let me start by saying I've Google'd and know the basics of the procedure, but I'd like some personal opinions/experiences. Second, this is for a piece of fiction and I'd like to, y'know, research before I wade off into this subject, as I'd like to hopefully handle it in a mature, thoughtful way.

Here we go-

Question the First- The story is set in/around the Detroit area, if any of you have info/opinions on PP and/or clinics in that area, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Question the Second- Can you have someone with you? For the ultrasound and/or actual procedure?

Question the Third- Any regrets/feelings you didn't expect? How did you feel before/during/after?

Question the Fourth- How did you tell others? Assuming of course, that you would choose to tell. Example- Taking time off work to have it done/needing time off work for recovery/telling friend and/or family.

Question the Fifth- I know counseling services are usually offered. Are they mandatory and how are they handled? Before, after, both? What sort of things are discussed?

Question the Sixth- Recovery time. Do they have you move to a separate room, how did you feel, what was it like?

I think that covers everything. Thanks in advance for any advice/info. Hopefully the questions were tactful and not  too intrusive.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, usa: michigan, ~medicine: reproduction

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