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Law Enforcement Restrictions

Time: Modern Day
Setting: California 
Searched: Google, but I couldn't come up with anything specific.  Also called my brother (rookie city cop - although not in California) to ask him, but he didn't answer his phone.  :D

Hello all!  I've got a question about restrictions on law enforcement officers in California.  I have a character who is a detective for the Santa Barbara police department.  He goes to a different city (still California) on vacation and witnesses/gets involved in a crime being committed there.  My question is would he have the authority to shoot or arrest or do any of the police things he would normally do if he caught someone committing a horrible crime?  What if he was forced to pull his gun on/shoot the person in self defense or in defense of another -- is he allowed to do that sort of thing in such an extreme situation, would he get in any sort of trouble (investigations, etc.)? 

I hope that question makes at least a little sense.  Thanks in advance!


Tags: usa: california, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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