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hermit's end

Okay. I have a character. He's single, and is pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a hermit -- has acquaintances, but no real true friends. He's the only child of two deceased only children. He's about as alone in the world as it's possible to get.

He's just been in a car accident. He's in a coma, with very little chance of coming back to himself.

Yeah, doesn't sound like the plot for much of anything, but still. That's what's going on.

He has a will. Everything is to go to charity. He has a living will, but because he has no one he knows well enough to give the authority to execute it, and so hasn't given a durable medical power of attorney to anyone, it's pretty much just a piece of paper. Is there anything else he could have done to insure his wishes are carried out, short of finding someone to carry them out for him ahead of time?

Who makes the decisions for him? Who decides when or if they pull the plug? And what happens if he keeps breathing afterwards? His living will says DNR, and no prolonged lifesaving measures, but who carries these directives out? Or do they not get carried out because he has no one to tell the doctors to do it?

I've googled living will and power of attorney, but all they say is that you must find someone ahead of time, which doesn't help, because he literally doesn't have anyone.


ETA, and profound apologies: Washington state, USA

Second ETA: All the answers, in spite of the "short of finding someone ahead of time" line in the original question, seem to be revolving around the absolute necessity of having to find someone, whether it's someone he knows or a professional of some sort. So I guess I should take this to say that no matter what, he can't just put his desires down on paper, file and/or register them somewhere official/keep them on his person, and rely on whoever winds up dealing with him after he's incapacitated carrying them out. That there has to be someone assigned to that job beforehand. Drat. Oh, well, it was a thought...
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