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Horseback riding with amputated hands

Hello! New to this community and slowly making my way back through the archives - so many useful questions and answers! Here's one of mine to start with, hehe.

Setting: Fantasy world, medieval technological level in most areas, magic, but it's not helpful here

Googled hand amputation horseback riding, medieval prosthetics, hands free horse riding, etc etc. Wikipedia on amputations. Made the mistake of image-searching amputations. Found some good things on amputations in general, and some interesting iron hands, but not quite what I'm looking for regarding horseback riding, as therapy riding would of course involve help.

Basically, there's a war on between two cultures/countries, one with open and widespread magic useable by anyone, one without. One of our magic-using characters has had both of his hands removed by the enemy in order to disarm him of his magic, which is controlled by hand gestures. Being a nobleman, he was held as a hostage in order to ferret out other magic-users, but was set free and managed to escape.

I know a little bit to nothing about riding, so my question is kind of to confirm what I'd thought: basically, he wouldn't be able to ride a horse without assistance of some sort, correct? His own countrymen, in general, can't and/or won't be able to remain in prolonged contact with him due to his handless status. So, if he must have assistance and a servant companion in order to ride, he'll have to have someone from the enemy, non-magic culture, which he'll be reluctant to do for a while, considering how he was treated by them. There's no chance of any kind of prosthetic for a while in the story, and even at the earliest it'd be a hook, I imagine.

He can't really deal with the care of the horse too well without his hands, including saddling it and probably even mounting. Is all this correct, or is there something I'm missing about riding handsless?

Thanks a lot for any help you can give!

ETA: Looks like he'd be able to manage pretty well after all. Thanks!
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