hosanna (smurfb1ue) wrote in little_details,

Hospital rooms for cancer patients

Setting: modern day; Portland, Oregon; summer
Search terms: temperature chemotherapy patients, cancer patients hospital rooms, cancer room temperature (and others along the same lines)

The character in question is a young woman with lung cancer who's basically living and dying in the hospital.  I've spent my fair share of time in the hospital, but never for cancer.  When I was in, they kept the temperature of my room at 80 degrees because I had hypothermia, but I'm not sure whether a room would be kept at high temperatures like that regularly.  So, would a patient receiving chemotherapy (or simply a cancer patient) have their room kept at a specific temperature or would it be kept at a normal level?
Also, what other machines would one expect to see in her room?  I know the basic layout, but chemo/cancer-specific would be especially helpful.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, usa: oregon, ~medicine: illnesses: cancers, ~medicine: illnesses: lung problems

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