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I have werewolves. As well as biting, lycnathropy in their universe can be transmitted pretty much the same way as AIDS can - sexually, via blood transfusions, and from the mother's blood while in utero. Even if you're infected as a child or from birth, though, it doesn't manifest until puberty.

For girls, this is simple enough - their first transformation comes with the full moon following their first period.
I'm not entirely sure what would be an equivalent marker for boys, though. Most of the pubertal changes I can think of for boys are pretty gradual. The best thing I can think of is "first ejaculation/wet dream" - would this make sense as happening around the same point as girls get periods?

(I realise I sound incredibly dumb for not knowing this, PHSE lessons, all I ever got taught in any great detail was FEMALE puberty. I have googled combinations of boys, male, puberty & adolescence, but I'm still not entirely clear as to what starts happening at puberty and what just starts to happen more - the sites are mostly geared to boys, who know what their bodies are doing pre-adolescence)
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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