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Hallucinations--initial diagnosis?

Time: Modern day
Setting: New York City
Searched: I poked around in WebMD, and did searches on the things it suggested there. Really though, I'm not sure where to look for this.

Situation: My character Rose (23 years old) has been having hallucinations for the past two weeks--severe hallucinations that echo her deepest fears and worst memories. She's convinced that the man who attacked and raped her when she was fifteen is in her bedroom and apartment, and at one point puts an axe through a wall because she thinks he's in front of it; she has the sensation of being concious, but unable to wake up, for hours; everything she does being undone; the TV seems to speak to her (the people on it talk about her deepest secrets and laugh); she thinks the old wounds on her neck have started to gush blood. Finally, she hallucinates an earthquake, with the roof of her apartment falling in on her. She scratches her fingers bloody on the walls trying to get out and then passes out. When her roommate comes home, she realizes it was a hallucination.

She has a psychiatrist friend who she goes to talk to after the earthquake hallucination. She basically describes what's been going on and says "Whatever it is that you do for this, do it." I know it's not that simple, but I don't know what he'd suggest. Rose is willing to do almost anything to get it to stop.

She has no history of hallucinations or PTSD. She received counseling after the attack, and though she still bears psychological scars, nothing of this sort has ever happened before. So: what would be the immediate course of action? Medical tests to determine if there's another cause to the hallucinations? Would she be hospitalized? Later, we discover there is in fact a boggart messing with her, but what would be the first medical steps taken?
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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