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Pregnancy Complications

When: Modern day
Where: Miami
Search terms tried: pregnancy complications, pregnancy complications bleeding, pregnancy complications hospitalization

I have a 33-year-old woman in otherwise reasonably good health in the latter part of her first trimester of pregnancy (could be early to middle of 2nd trimester if it works better for this).

I need some kind of complication that gives her symptoms (like cramps or bleeding) bad enough to land her immediately in the hospital with the baby in great danger. HOWEVER, I can't have the doctors either save the baby or have her lose it right away. I need for there to be about a day where they can't tell if the baby will survive -- doctors could be actively working to save the baby or taking a wait-and-see approach, either way.

What I need to happen is for her boyfriend to arrive at the hospital and not be told immediately the baby is fine or the baby didn't make it. It needs to drag out a bit. Also the baby needs to survive, in the end.

Is there anything that can cause this? It can't be anything like an hit to the stomach. It needs to be something they didn't see coming (although the doctors can have seen a little bit of risk in her pregnancy earlier, just nothing they worried too much about). Ideas?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: reproduction

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