lindenfoxcub (lindenfoxcub) wrote in little_details,

how fast does gunpowder decompose on contact with air?

I asked a co-worker this and he said one thing, but I'm not sure he's quite right.

I want a character to be given a loaded flintlock pistol to defend herself with, she'll be shown how to cock and fire it, but it's already primed and loaded for her, and I want her to be able to carry it with her, in her pocket or something untill she needs it.

My co-worker says this isn't possible because the gunpowder would decompose too quickly and not ignite, but trying to google how fast it decomposes, all I'm getting is the speed it decomposes on ignition compared to other explosives. If this won't work, i can have her shown how to load and prime it, and tweak the scene where she uses it so she has time to do it.

Edit: awesome, you guys, I'm going to love telling Rene he was dead wrong! (he's one of those people, you know.)
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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