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Drug induced paranoia

Where: UK
When: Modern Day
Scenario: Character J, an undercover spy, is unwittingly exposed to a drug capable of inducing/enhancing paranoia in those that take it, close to the end of his mission. The mission ends shortly afterwards, and J returns to his base and has a routine blood and urine test. J is fifteen years old, quite muscular and very physically active.

What I need to know: Are there any drugs out there that specifically induce paranoia or make an already paranoid person even more so? Preferably it would be something that can be dissolved in a bottle of water. How long do these drugs take to work? Would they be easily detected in a blood/urine sample? Would the doctor know what he is looking at? How long would the drug take to kick in and how long would it be effective for? Would it have any other affects on him?

I can handwave this in the fic, but I really don't want to if I can use something that really exists. Illegal drugs are fine, since the guys who put him in this state aren't really what you would call 'good guys'.

Googled: "paranoia drug induced", "drug induced paranoia" and variations. Mainly got conspiracy theory sites and medical sites that I can't understand.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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