LS (laurasue) wrote in little_details,

Sunlight Deprivation?

I'm looking for any and all articles regarding Sunlight Deprivation. I've googled and wiki'd and found some very helpful stuff, but most of what I'm finding is more about people who have nightjobs. This doesn't apply to what I need.

Basically, a group of people are put underground in a bunker, and have NO exposure to natural light for at least 6 months, possibly more. They have room to exercise and run around, so that's not a problem. But I need information about what the sunlight deprivation can do to them - mentally and physically. I have information on vitamin D deficiency, as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder, and even Solipsism Syndrome. I know their eyes would be VERY sensitive to sunlight after their time underground, and they would need therapy and slow exposure to build back up to normal exposure. But I want as much information on all possibilities as I can get. Information on studies of sunlight dep are even better.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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