The Kiwi Who Flew (thekiwiwhoflew) wrote in little_details,
The Kiwi Who Flew

Missing teenagers and mad scientists and real dolls, oh my!

So there is absolutely, positively no way to run a google search on this without setting off at least a dozen FBI warnings and possibly giving a few forensic pathologists and criminal profilers something to think about so here goes.

In a detective story setting, Neo-Noir (modern day tech, but more of a 1950's vibe. Think Batman. ..Less spandex.) Our perpetrator is a mad ex-scientist who snapped and is turning teenage girls into his own dolls and leaving them to be found so he can forever preserve their childish innocence. Think Real Dolls. ..But less spandex and Swedish pubic hair.

Here's where I need some people with chemistry/chemics know-how to help me out. Save for resin, what would be a good mixture of chemicals to either petrify a human/normal body or give them a petrified look/feel?
Tags: ~science (misc)

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