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Heavy weather.

So. Sci fi setting, I'm trying to make a world with effectively constant storms (that happen to be sapient...).

First question: (googled: storm (cause OR source OR origin)) I have a mostly-ocean world (ie 90% or so ocean) with no real above-water mountains (or, for that matter, much in the way of land plants, though that may be effect rather than cause), and an unusual degree of atmospheric electrical activity. Is that enough to explain near-constant storms, ranging in severity from thunderstorms to superhurricanes? If not, what else do I need?

Second question: (googled: meteorology terminology) (don't know enough to make any real use of the results) What kind of technobabble would my space shuttle pilot character use in explaining the severe storms and other atmospheric to a generally knowledgeable layman riding with him? Other than mention of "a lot of electrical activity in the ionosphere", I'm not sure if there's anything I should be saying. Said pilot wouldn't necessarily entirely *understand* all the technobabble, but he's probably been shuttling around the terraforming crew who *would* be using and understanding it. So even something like "The tech types said something about inversion layers" would work.

Also... since I'm posting anyway, might as well get other brains on this... any particular ideas for a Really Embarrassing, but essentially harmless, character trait my pilot character can have? Something on the order of, oh, still wearing superhero pajamas, or having a sock-puppet fetish, or something.

So. Our Heroes are in a surface-to-orbit shuttle, that is also designed to be a decent general air transport (this company does terraforming for a living, basically, they'd need things like that). Aside from 1. additional gyroscopes/stabilizers, 2. the ability to land on water, then easily go from water to land once a shore is reached, and 3. extra cutouts/protections to keep the fiddly electronic bits from getting fried from lightning or whatever... what features/adaptations should the shuttle have for this world, that would differentiate it from a normal terraforming shuttle? Assume that orbit is reached via handwavium, rather than massive chemical rockets...
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy

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