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Myosin for dummies?

Hello, I'm working on a story about kids genetically enhanced and bred to be high-class hitmen-for-hire. (No, it will not be Dark Angel, more like a drama). And so them's the very basics. Here are my questions:

1: I'd like to get some pretty easy-to-understand info about how the myosin crocodiles have in their jaws differ from the types of myosin we humans have. Like, why and how it enables them to react as quickly as they do. Google isn't giving me any lovin'. I'm just trying to get a vague idea of whether "swapping" the kids' myosin somehow could be a part of the gene-altering process.

2: How should an underground complex be designed in order to make living there as non-claustrophobic as possible? I remember hearing/reading something somewhere a long time ago, about painting the upper and lower parts of the walls in different colors to remind of earth and sky? Should any special lighting be used?

3:Also, is there anything else one should think about when building a hidden underground complex? Assume it's located somewhere in South America, under the rainforest. How far down would it be safe to build it? Would it be possible to keep the building process a complete secret or should there be some sort of cover-up operation going on?

I'm not yet sure how much of these answers, if you can provide them, that I'd actually use in the story, as I hate "fact-porn", but it would feel good to have a backstory that's fairly solid and believable.

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