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Length of Army Officer Basic Training

I've Googled combinations of "Army Officer Basic Training" "Army ROTC" and "length of army basic" and I've gotten loads of information about ROTC, serviving basic, and the benefits of joining the Army. All of which is nice, but I can't get the answer to a (to me at any rate) simple question.

I have a character who's just graduated from high school and is going to a university in the Northeastern USA. The Army is paying for his education, so he'll be doing the ROTC program while there, with the intention of going into the Army as a career after graduation. I need to know how long he'll be gone over the summer for basic training. I've gotten several contradictory answers, and I'm not sure what exactly would apply to him and what wouldn't. (If it makes any difference, his goal is to fly helicopters once he's in.) It's important to the plot (and the heroine of the story!) to know precisly how long he'll be gone.

Thanks in advance!
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