kdorian (kdorian) wrote in little_details,

Hospital name seen or heard

Oops! Edited out a couple chapters that were dead weight and lost one important fact that I now need to shoehorn in to a previous chapter.

Where would someone (in this case a 4 year old) who is in either a general burn ward either read (not preferred-he's only 4) or hear (if possible) the name of the hospital he's a patient of, assuming he had only been in the bed of his own room, moving through the halls on a gurney for treatment, and in treatment rooms? I need to convey that he's not where expected, even though it's not something he'll be thinking about.


Time: 1990s
Place: Manchester, England
Googled: None - couldn't think of an appropriate search

ETA: Answered!
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation

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