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Ansela Jonla

Japanese wills and driving offences

Where: Tokyo, Japan
When: Modern day
Setting: I have a character, K, who is hit by a car and killed. The driver was drunk and going over the speed limit. K had a dangerous 'job' and it is quite likely that one of his friends would have pressured him into making a will, just in case.

What I want to know is:
1) Is it permitted under Japanese law to make a will at home, or would K have to go through a solicitor/lawyer? I'm thinking along the lines of a formally written letter leaving his belongings to his family/friends, witnessed by his dad and his two best friends.

2) K was only in the road because he was shoving a runaway pushchair out of the path of the car. What sort of honour would the mother of the child pay to him? Would she attend/be allowed to attend the funeral?

3) What is the legal blood alcohol limit in Japan? How far over it would the driver have to be to lose control of his vehicle? Also, what would be the speed limit in a suburb of Tokyo in a mostly residential area?

4) What sort of prison sentence would the driver get for killing someone while under the influence? What would be the charge; death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence, manslaughter or murder?

5) The driver crashes his car and tries to flee the scene but is restrained by two of K's friends, who are understandably very angry. Would they be in trouble for being a bit rough with him? I'm talking about twisting his arm to keep him in one place, tackling him when he tries to run and knocking him out when he tries to grope one of K's underaged sisters. Would the driver be charged for attempting to leave the scene of the accident?

Research: Googled 'Japanese inheritance law', 'making a will in Japan' and various permutations thereof and also 'Japanese drink driving laws' and variations.
Tags: japan: government (misc), ~inheritance

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