Devil-Worshipping Puppy-Kicking Atheist Socialist (goldencountry) wrote in little_details,
Devil-Worshipping Puppy-Kicking Atheist Socialist

Gun Model for a Target Shooter -turned- Secret Agent

Setting: Near future, Britain

My character is the leader of a secret society in near-future Britain. Although I know Britain has severely restrictive gun laws that would make obtaining this weapon near-impossible, the setting has magic and he's a law-abiding US citizen, so he could get his hands on one , smuggle it in, and keep it hidden with little to no difficulty.

His backstory has him being a world-class pentathlete, so he's obviously familiar with target shooting using a pistol. I need help finding a gun that would suit his needs:

- small/concealable
- accurate

Any other concerns (silencing, for example) I can use magic to take care of. It's mostly going to be used for intimidation, occasional sneak shots to trip up opponents/disable their wand arm. I don't really know where to begin here since I haven't gotten to the shooting part of my personal goal of being proficient in the pentathlon sports :)

ETA: so our unrealistic hero is going to be keeping an M1911 on hand for special occasions. Thanks!
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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