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Medical help

Okay, need a little help with this. This is actually a tag to the season premier of Stargate Atlantis, so I'm going to put the rest in the cut, but it's a medical question.

Okay, it's set in the present though in a technologically advanced civilization. Medical procedures seem to be very similar to now, so for all intents and purposes, it's set in the present.

Male in his early 40's. 

Basically what happened was a building collapsed on him and he was impaled by a foreign object. It was removed and he made it out of the rubble and back to the city and was patched up. However, because he insisted on going on a rescue mission, his doctor relunctantly did a quick fix on him, though it was established he would need surgery (and we were never told how exactly she patched him up). By the way, the impalement had already been removed.

Anyway, he makes it back to the city, but it was also extablished that he had bled through whatever the doctor had given him. the episode shows us the moment he's about to be back in the city then skips to when he's being wheeled into surgery. I'm writing a missing scene about the time between there. 

So right now, I've had the character come back into the city and the medical team is waiting. My question is what kind of things would they be saying right now? Like... blood pressure or his oxygen stats? I just don't know what kind of things they would immidiately give him to stablalize him before surgery.

I know that's pretty vague and I understand if I didn't give anyone enough to answer, but if you can help, that would be amazing. Definitely ask if there's more info I could give you that would help you out more. Thanks so much.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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