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Reasons for leg weakness

Hello, all! My first post to the community - what a fabulous place this is.

My story (original) is set in modern-day England, with magical-realism type stuff going on. My main character is a woman who used to dance contemporary, but has suffered some sort of injury or something that has made her legs weak; thus, it's impossible for her to dance any more, even though she can still walk around a bit if helped. Do you have any idea of what sort of illness/injury could cause something like this? I know that there are people who are born with weak legs, but how could such a thing happen to a 26-year-old? I'd prefer it to be something not necessarily related to dance practice, something that she couldn't have done anything about.

I've tried googling "leg weakness", "leg weakness injury", "leg paralysis", and I've looked on Wikipedia for paralysis and related conditions. As I have little knowledge of medicine, however, I'd really appreciate your suggestions - I don't want to have my character suffering from anything utterly unrealistic and ridiculous. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thanks guys, I think I've found what I need. Now it's just a matter of choosing from your brilliant suggestions. Lovely to get replies so fast!
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