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6th century Greek writer

Running an online roleplaying game in which the following dialogue took place:

"You'd rather read some obscure text from some 15th century French alchemist, something that shoves you even nearer the entrance of Hell "
"Sixth century Greek actually, but you can never be sure with later translations...your Bible doesn't tell me things like how lies hurt you, or how Ofanim don't stand still, 'classified' information I suppose...Coffee?"

Now, when I wrote this I'd been googling much of the night and had a particular Greek in mind, either a Doctor of the Church or a canonized saint, in either case one who wrote about angels.  Of course I'd neglected to bookmark my source.  There's a reasonable chance another player could call me on that, and I'd like to be prepared.

Google,,, Wikipedia and Orthodox wiki, searched "6th century", "alchemist", "angel", "saint" (too many hits, not organized by year), "Justinian", "scholar".
Tags: 500s, byzantium

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